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Elder Scrolls Online


Guild meeting 1st April 2014.

Ruin Gaming has been actively engaged in the launches of Diablo III and The Elder Scrolls Online. Reviews and additional information regarding those titles will be forthcoming on Slash+Facepalm!

Star Citizen 

Elder Scrolls Campaign plans and new Idris Star Citizen Frigate!

The Idris Corvette has been upgraded to a full capital ship!

Elder Scrolls Online Beta

The Elder scrolls online BETA

Want to get into the beta? sign up here.http://elderscrollsonline.com/en-uk/beta
Visit the ESO website to learn morehttps://www.elderscrollsonline.com/

Ruin Gaming has been actively participating in Beta testing The Elder Scrolls Online. We are currently focused on larger scale world PvP in the Cyrodil province. Server stability and combat responsiveness remain impressive. Although player collision is disabled, NPC collision and spell and ability collision have been enabled.

Elder scrolls online Beta | Dark Anchor event | 2h mele Templar

Elder scrolls online | 2h Mele Templar | Doshia Boss fight

Sign up to the ESO beta http://elderscrollsonline.com/en-uk/beta


Ruin Gaming destroys Swifty’s Pirate Event!

The Battle of Crossroads

Ruin Gaming Victory

Overconfident Alliance raid groups organized by Swifty blundered into Crossroads where they were intercepted and completely wiped out. Swift’s raid groups offered minimal resistance. Arrogant Alliance guilds who have consistently under-estimated Horde strength resulting in several major defeats in large scale fights in the last  The remnants of Swifty’s Army retreated to Ratchet where they were hunted down and destroyed.

Alliance reinforcements arriving by ship to Ratchet were caught up in the naval warfare that ensued.

Guild meeting 11th-Feb-2014

Community news and news updates on major upcoming MMORPG launches.  Wildstar and The Elder scrolls online are discussed at length.