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Guild Wars 2 Sale!

Guild Wars 2 Update

PAX South 2015: Jennifer Hale will host Guild Wars 2 panel discussing the upcoming expansion as well as the 75% off sale!

Guild Wars 2 the Point of No Return Pax South panel expansion announcement!

Guild Wars 2 will be available for $9.99 on Saturday and Sunday. Existing characters will have access to sales on boosters and a double-experience bonus that lasts all weekend!


Bleeding Hollow Campaign Victory

Guild Wars 2

The end of season two in Guild Wars concludes with the launch of the Point of No Return season. Guild Wars 2 has significantly improved their World versus World system, providing consistent activity for PvP system around the clock.

Star Citizen

Space is the future. Ruin Gaming has begun assembling our fleet. Star Citizen, the most successful Kick Starter project, has laid out an ambitious vision for the future. A vast new science fiction universe, promising both first person ground combat and flight simulator space combat on the Crytek engine. No official release date has been posted.

Bleeding Hollow Campaign 13th January

Horde resistance on the Bleeding Hollow US server has collapsed. Once the most active North American server for large scale world fighting, boasting constant massive city sieges and open world battles. The constant tug of war between Horde and Alliance has resulted in a decisive victory for Ruin Gaming and the Alliance. The Horde faction, despite their enormous four to one population advantage over the Alliance, been thoroughly demoralized and defeated.

The once dominant Ironwolf Clan coalition, that regularly occupied Alliance cities, fielded armies of active players and provided leadership to the Horde, has gone inactive. Failing to launch a single major operation since prior to the launch of Warlords of Draenor.

The most consistent World PvP on Bleeding Hollow now comes from players from other servers. Ruin Gaming will therefore allow a period of rebuilding for the Horde faction on Bleeding Hollow. Alliance cities will no longer be protected by Ruin Gaming in order to help build Horde confidence while encouraging greater activity from their faction.


The new open world PvP zone for Warlords of Draenor, no longer provides a challenge. Horde resistance there has collapsed as well. Alliance raid groups simply rotate through the Horde base, killing their leader for conquest gear on rotation. Long queue times on the Horde side make it impossible for organized “premade” groups to influence the outcome of battle. Fighting disorganized players, often unable to communicate or cooperate due to language barriers, has not provided even the slightest challenge. As a result the vast majority of Ruin Gaming are in the final stages of completing their Conquest gear sets. We are a well equipped army with no enemies to fight.

Future Plans

Ruin Gaming has maintained branches on several active World PvP focused servers. Emerald Dream, Darkspear and Tichondrius currently maintain small Ruin Gaming guild branches.


Darkpopulous provides our first impressions on the Ashran World PvP zone in Warlords of Draenor. How has Blizzard’s centerpeice open world pvp zone stacked up against Warhammer: Age of Reckoning, Guild Wars 2′s Eternal Battlegrounds, The Elder Scrolls Online’s Cyrodil?

The Verdict

Although Ashran is major step in the right direction for Blizzard, offering a persistent open World PvP zone with relevant Arena and Rated Battleground quality rewards and Conquest, there are many areas in which Ashran falls well short of its potential.

Too Small

The stated objective of Ashran was to bring World of Warcraft back to its real time strategy roots with the addition of a a persistent open world battleground. The Warcraft strategy games had mixed combat, ground, air and siege units, each fulfilling a critical battlefield role. In Ashran there are no siege weapons or vehicles, limiting the pvp experience to infantry fighting. In order to provide a more “Epic” PvP experience Ashran must be larger, more varied and allow for greater numbers of players to participate.

Expand Ashran

Ashran should be expanded, adding true battlefield objectives such as towers, keeps and fortresses similar to the Wintergrasp Fortress. Additional battlefield objectives will provide variety and replay value, while bringing the challenge in line with Alterac Valley and Wintergrasp.