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Guild Meeting

Swifty and Dara Mactire Battle!

Swifty Defeated!

Darkspear US

Swifty supported by Dara Mactire and cross realm players from his Twitch livestream formed multiple raid groups with the intention of attacking and destroying the Orgrimmar, the capital city of the Horde faction.

Ruin Gaming rapidly formed a defense to meet the threat. Unprepared for strong opposition Swifty’s forces were rapidly defeated. Further battles occurred on the Isle of Quel’Danas resulting in additional Horde victories.


Wildstar Pre-Launch!

Ruin Gaming in Wildstar!

Is your body ready for WildStar launch?! Whether you are a peaceful quester following the explorer path or a raging PvP arenas master, ganking everyone in your path, Nexus has something for everyone!

You can find more information about WildStar at:http://www.WildStar-Online.com/

Wildstar is live TONIGHT 31st May!

Exiles PvP Pergo server!

Domion PvE Caretaker server with Towelliee and the Hammersquad!

Ruin Gaming has been looking forward to Wildstar since its announcement, the prospect of warplots (guild battlegrounds) as well as the high level of polished customization Wildstar offers!