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Guild Dreadnaught Complete

Ruin Gaming has completed our guild Harrower Star Dreadnaught! Our campaign of galactic conquest continues.

We are currently preparing for the Darth Revan content. We expect significant additions to the Stronghold system as well as an expanded planetary conquest system!


Jaytee provides a look into Warlords of Draenor’s Ashran world pvp zone!

Leviathan Guild Flagship

Guild Stronghold!


We are currently playing Star Wars The Old Republic on the Bastion Server as members of the Sith Empire. Join us! Follow the link provided below to reactivate for free and have access to a free character transfer. Access to our guild Strongholds is immediately available to all members at level 1.

Join Ruin Gaming in SWTOR

Construction of this technological monstrosity has begun! Ruin Gaming’s new guild flagship INS Leviathan. 


Join us for planetary conquest and guild versus guild naval warfare! In this latest expansion it is possible to conquer planets through ground invasion involving combat walker. We are looking forward to building up our presence in SWTOR.