Star Wars the Old Republic

Come join Ruin in Star Wars: The Old Republic

  • Sith Empire - Satele Shan Shan Server.
  • Republic -  Satele Shan Server.

How to join Ruin

RUIN is a Discord based multi game online gaming community. Discord is a next generation voice communication and multimedia platform.


The Life Day Event is a limited-time event in Star Wars: The Old Republic that only takes place once a year in the winter.

Game Update 7.2 “Showdown Ruhnuk” is live! Players will be able to explore a new planet, Ruhnuk, fight Heta Kol and her faction of Mandalorians in the story update “Showdown on Ruhnuk,” experience the changes made to PvP!

“You are a Mandalorian no more.” The new season of The Mandalorian starts streaming in 2023 on Disney+.

All for the Rebellion. Andor, an Original series from Star Wars, and experience the three-episode premiere streaming September 21, only on Disney+.