An epic saga of war, passion, and power set in Feudal Japan.

Guild Meeting 4/16/2024

The RUIN community meets every Tuesday at 6PM Pacific Standard time on Discord to recognize outstanding members for promotion, discuss gaming news, events and scheduling for the upcoming week!

World of Warcraft: War Within Beta

Join us in testing The War Within. Players who have opted in can be selected to be testers, and invitations will go out regularly throughout the test.

Throne and Liberty

RUIN is actively testing Throne and Liberty. The massive player versus player epic battle content focus of Throne and Liberty has strong potential as a future campaign. 

The Worldsoul Saga

RUIN Eagerly awaits the launch of the Worldsoul Saga an epic three expansion to World of Warcraft!

WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria

World of Warcraft Remix is a time-limited event which allows players to re-experience the entirety of the Mists of Pandaria expansion at an accelerated rate from level 10 through 70.