World of Warcraft

Are you brave enough? Accept the ultimate challenge and test your skills in Classic Hardcore, a new mode in World of Warcraft Classic where there is no escape from death.

Defend the land against the Primal Incarnates as they rally forces to claim the power of the World Tree, face the onslaught brought on by the Druids of the Flame in a new public event—Dreamsurges!

The epic adventure continues, Fractures in Time goes live on July 11! Explore the Dawn of the Infinite mega-dungeon, discover the Augmentation Evoker specialization, unravel the time streams in Time Rifts public events, and more!

Venture into time itself to push back the encroaching chaos from other timelines and ensure the preservation of the future in the Fractures in Time content update.

Exciting items are coming to the Trading Post in July and August. A new Dragonriding mount, fan-favorite pets, fashionable transmogs, and more – plus 200 additional Trader’s Tender,

To progress through Heroic difficulty requires time and effort. Preparation for raiding on non raid nights is essential. The Team goal is to progress as far as we can while still having fun.

RUIN Core Raid Team downed Heroic Sarkareth 16 June. RUIN will continue to host progression raids at all difficulty levels. We are currently actively recruiting for Mythic progression for the next season!