STAR WARS The Old Republic

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STAR WARS: The Old Republic

The RUIN Star Wars: The Old Republic community is currently composed of active guilds on both the Sith and Republic factions.

Star Wars the Old Republic News

Level 70 characters are welcome to join the primary Republic and Sith guilds for progression Operations, Galactic Command and community events.

Additional RUIN guilds built to support alternate and new characters are provided to encourage members to fully explore the rich Bioware storytelling and leveling experience for all classes and factions.


Goals and Objectives:

RUIN maintains operations on the Satele Shan mega server for both the Sith Empire and Republic factions. The guild provides an active Galactic Command system environment: PVP and PVE community Operations, structured PVP, World Boss clears with the objective of strong character progression for all members.

The ‘Legacy of the Sith’ expansion is live!

The new Star Wars: The Old Republic – Legacy of the Sith expansion brings you to uncharted parts of the galaxy while pursuing Darth Malgus. Explore two new planets, a new Flashpoint, earn new rewards during the new Galactic Season, and more!

New Storyline

The war between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire spreads to new worlds! Dangerous threats rise in the dark corners of the galaxy ​and Darth Malgus pursues an unknown plan… Unravel these mysteries and more as your choices continue to shape the galaxy.

Galactic Seasons 2: ‘Shadows of the Underworld’

With our new expansion, Legacy of the Sith, we’re launching the second season of Galactic Seasons, ‘Shadows of the Underworld’! Similar to Galactic Seasons 1: The Stranger from Kubindi, Season 2 will give players the opportunity to earn new and exciting rewards through two different tracks: the Free Reward track or the Subscriber Reward track. Subscribers will have access to both tracks as they progress through the Season. Players can progress through these reward tracks by completing Daily and Weekly Season Objectives.

Throughout the first Season, you all provided a ton of great feedback that has helped us shape and refine how the Galactic Seasons system looks and feels. Let’s dive into those changes!

Joining and playing alongside a guild will be easier and more rewarding than ever before with the following guild system and management improvements:

Epic Bioware Story

The KOTOR Universe

Knights of the Old Republic has played an enormous and often under appreciated role in expanding and enriching the Star Wars universe. An understanding of this early period helps to provide context for the state of the Galaxy in the Star Wars Universe.