Traditionally RUIN hosts a variety of real world get togethers: Blizzcon, Disneyland, Movie Premiers and other conventions!

On the night of Stephen Hawking’s death, Ruin Gaming held a moderately sized memorial in Stormwind overlooking the sea and the moon. Though not a very long video, it shows the compassion of everyone around the world and their thankfulness of Hawking’s work throughout his years he was with us.

As part of our Community Events circuit Ruin hosted a Disneyland and California Adventure Holiday 2018 tour. With a special focus on gathering information on and preparing for the opening of Galaxy’s Edge: the largest ever expansion to Disneyland. 

Comprehensive BlizzCon 2017 coverage of all Blizzard games updates and information!

Ruin held the annual summer community get together event in Las Vegas Nevada. Pictures of the event have been provided below in the gallery. Las Vegas is an important entertainment and conference venue hosting an increasing number of gaming conventions. Ruin has added Las Vegas to our venues to allow convenient access for our West Coast and South Western guild members!

Ruin Gaming at Blizzcon X 2016. Comprehensive coverage of everything that has happened this year! A tremendous amount of new information has been released on all of Blizzard’s games!

The countdown has begun . . . BlizzCon 2015 gets underway this Friday, November 6, at the Anaheim Convention Center, featuring tons of developer discussion panels, epic esports competition, costume and talent contests hosted by Wil Wheaton, Linkin Park in concert, and much more.

It’s almost show time! BlizzCon 2014 begins this Friday, November 7, at the Anaheim Convention Center. The sold-out event features developer discussion panels, top-tier tournament competition, the costume and talent contests hosted by Chris Hardwick, an earth-shaking closing concert featuring Metallica, and much more.

In keeping with Ruin Gaming tradition we have planed a community meet up planned for Saturday at the Naples restaurant at Downtown Disney. We will follow up the Blizzcon main events with a Disneyland and California Adventure full clear. Members of the Ruin Gaming Guild Directorate and many veteran members will be present for this highly anticipated Blizzcon. We fully expect a confirmation of new Blizzard games and expansions.