Ashes of Creation

Ashes of Creation

Reminder that Ashes of Creation is an open and transparent development project. As such, you will see work-in-progress art, systems, and mechanics. Leave us your thoughts on our progress in the video comments!

We are extremely excited to invite folks to this glorious milestone of our development journey with NO NDA, we want everyone to be able to provide feedback unfiltered. During Alpha One testing, we’ll be looking for your feedback specifically on the following things: download and installation process, client performance, and server performance.

Development Update with Cleric, Day & Night, and Constellations – 11AM PT Friday, December 2, 2022

This month we showcased an update to our Cleric archetype, day and night cycle, constellations, and more!

Winter’s Nevermore

Reminder that Ashes of Creation is an open and transparent development project. As such, you will see work-in-progress art, systems, and mechanics. Leave us your thoughts on our progress in the video comments!

Accord of Autumn

As shadows grow long, and days short, a lethargy creeps across the land, settling into Verran hearts, slowing steps, and frustrating passions. The farmers of Verra reap the final vestiges of the harvest, leaving their fields fallow and their larders full, in preparation for wintertide. As the inexorable darkness of the unending season cloaks the land, the anonymous members of the ancient cult, the Accord of Autumn, prepare for the mysterious sabbat known only as the Moonless Revel.

Thought by many to be a cautionary folk tale spun by parents to keep their children from straying too far from home, the Accord of Autumn is a very real religious cult worshiping Feldegeist, a lesser demon of The Void. Young and rudderless victims are lured to the Moonless Revel by the promise of a lighthearted gathering, filled with revelry and debauchery, culminating in a raucous feast served beneath the new moon at the very peak of the harvest. In truth, the purpose of the revel is to gather hapless souls, and prepare them as unwitting followers of the cult’s blasphemous ideology.

Reddit AMA with Creative Director Steven Sharif

In Ashes of Creation, cities will rise and fall. Their fates determined through the force of will and power. This is something you’ve never experienced before – a completely unique world that never stops changing – set on a fallen world untouched by civilizations for thousands of years. Rebuild, repopulate, and rediscover the world of Verra. Source: Ashes 

From ashes to empires.
Your journey will shape the face of Verra.

Experience an MMORPG where everything is permanently impacted by your actions – explore, trade, build, and let the world take form. From your imagination through your will and into everyone’s reality, what you create will be the cornerstone of the next explorer’s ambition.

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RUIN is actively Alpha Testing Ashes of Creation! We will be updating our community on the progress of the game. We look forward to stress testing larger scale PVP siege systems and community systems.

Breathe Glorious Life into Verra

Help bring Ashes of Creation to life by joining our Alphas and Betas! Each Pre-order package includes exclusive cosmetics, game time, and much more!

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Key Features

Risk Vs Reward

All across Verra, you have the opportunity to experience massive warfare, participate in epic trade caravans, and gather valuable components to craft exquisite items. Not only will your fellow players be your adversaries; the creatures of the land and the very environment itself will pose a constant and fresh challenge. Will you siege castles to become royalty, defeat other guilds to showcase your prowess, shape the marketplace by being a successful trader, or earn renown by developing your artisan crafting skills? This is your story, you tell us!

An Open World

Ashes of Creation is a unique take on the MMORPG experience. Our world structure is dynamic, and built to react to your actions. Cities will rise and fall as you shape the world of Verra. Quests and secrets will unlock as populations gather and their needs grow. As the world’s NPC structure is established in real-time, you will have the ability to destroy what’s been created, paving the way for new developments, populations, and change. Political strife and intrigue will play a very real role in the structure of your experience. Gone are the days of static worlds; change is here to stay!