Star Wars the Old Republic

Update 5.8 – Now Live “Command Authority”

The last and largest of the dangerous droid superweapons of Iokath has been unleashed! With no one remaining to reign in its terrifying power, Izax the Destroyer, is set to annihilate everything in its path – starting with your Alliance

Game Update 5.7 – Now Live “LEGACY OF THE CREATORS”

Gather your most powerful allies to fight by your side against the biggest threat to the galaxy, the lethal droid superweapon known as Scyva, Mother of Sorrows. Alongside your group of eight or sixteen players, battle this ancient menace with a passion for destruction and uncover new clues to the origins of this galactic threat as well as some impressive rewards!

A Traitor Among the Chiss

The traitor has been revealed! Embark on a daring new story-driven Flashpoint in pursuit of a rogue agent. Journey to Copero – a remote world occupied by the mysterious Chiss species – to uncover the traitor’s destructive plans. Experience the story with your Companions, or fight with up to three friends in multiple challenge modes!

United Forces Update Now Live

With the United Forces update Bioware has created five new megaservers, expanding your connection to a galactic-sized community so you can join and reconnect with friends, discover new guilds and jump into multiplayer battles more easily!

Star Wars: The Old Republic Fall Roadmap 2017

Bioware has released their Star Wars: The Old Republic – Fall Roadmap for 2017! The lead producer for Star Wars: The Old Republic outlines upcoming changes and improvements to all areas of gameplay, story, the Galactic Command system and end game progression!

Yavin IV Stronghold

Ruin maintains a large and active guild community on the Sith faction of the Harbringer Star Wars: The Old Republic server. We have completed our Yavin IV guild stronghold! Open to all guild members, acting as a base of operations, trade hub and staging area for guild operations and events!

Updated 5.4 Crisis on Umbara

Prepare to lead the ultimate covert assault: battle your way across a moving train, brave the wilds of a dark new world, and more in a high-stakes new Flashpoint! When a deadly traitor is tracked to the shadow-world of Umbara, you’ll need to lead a strike team to confront the betrayer before the galaxy is thrown back into war.