Guild Meeting

Week of April 11 th 2017

Guild Meetings: Tuesday 6PM Pacific Standard Time.

RUIN Event Schedule – Alpha –

Every week RUIN holds meetings to discuss news and events. Team based activities such as raiding and structured pvp are the focus of all RUIN guilds.

RUIN, a long standing gaming community with over 10 years of experience playing together! Please take full advantage of the many guild perks and benefits provided to all members.

Officer Promotion

RUIN needs additional Officers, outstanding members with gaming experience, military backgrounds and professional administrative abilities should step forward for courtesy promotions to assist with day to day guild upkeep and leadership service. Within RUIN leadership through content as well as training and technical support and development are accomplished through departments focused on these specific objectives. Those interested in advancement should contact an officer in game or on voice communications.

Guild Departments:

  • PVP
  • PVE
  • Human Resources: Recruitment, training, events coordination.
  • Technical Officers: Infrastructural development and upkeep.


The PVP Department of RUIN develops PVP doctrine; establishes standards; and builds the future fighting force of RUIN.

The Scout Corps

RUIN Reconnaissance and Intelligence and Security Command: The Scout Corps

RUIN Intelligence (reports directly to World PVP Commanders, synchronizes the operations of all RUIN units to produce intelligence in support of Combatant Commands, and the RUIN intelligence community.

Human Resources

Human Resources recruits, trains, and educates members of RUIN; develops leaders and fosters technical skills and mastery of all relevant content and related technologies. 

HR Conflict Resolution, Mediation and investigation 

HR Conflict Resolution conducts sensitive or special interest investigations as directed by the HR Directorate; provides investigative support to all RUIN branches and elements; maintains overall responsibility for RUIN investigations and enforcement of all relevant codes of conduct, license agreements and general community requirements.

HR conducts and controls all RUIN investigations of serious infractions and crimes. Upon request, or as necessary for effective law enforcement.

RUIN Technical Corps

The Ruin Technical Corps provides engineering services and capabilities in support of RUIN.

The RUIN Warrant Department reports directly to guild leadership.. The mission of the RWD is to develop and maintain information technology for RUIN. Training, education, and inspiration of recruits in order to encourage each member to become a leader of character committed to the values of professional excellence and service to the greater RUIN community.

Branch Schedules and Objectives:

World of Warcraft

Why you should play World of Warcraft Legion:

World of Warcrft Legion continues to deliver best in genre progression raiding and structured PVP. The addition of world quests, invasions and open world events provide an alternative path for character progression.

Prepare for Tomb of Sargeras:

Class Guides

Flying Progress Check

Guild Activities:

  • Tomb of Sargeras Raid (releasing soon)
  • Broken Shores Daily Clear: 6PM Pacific Standard
  • World Quest Clear: Following Broken Shores boss clear
  • Invasions
  • Raid Content
  • Tomb of Sargeras

Star Wars The Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic offers one of the best leveling experiences of any MMORPG currently available. Engaging and immersive story driven game play allows for an unparalleled role playing experience, with enormous character customization and development all within the award winning Bioware Knights of the Old Republic universe.

RUIN continues our long tradition in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Construction of the Guild Ship and Stronghold on Yavin IV continue! Please pitch in towards these projects through the Stronghold Tab by donating copies of decorations to the guild.


You are the Outlander, conqueror of Zakuul and the galaxy’s single most powerful leader. When a deadly new superweapon is discovered, Republic and Imperial forces mobilize for war – and you are called into action once more. Choose to align your forces with either Republic or Empire, then fight your way to the Droid superweapon before it can unleash galactic devastation!

And that’s just the beginning. Join a massive Player-VS-Player factional war, battle in Walker-VS-Walker combat, reunite with fan-favorite Companions, and much more! – Bioware

Guild Activites

  • Operations
  • Casual PVP
  • Planetary Conquest
  • Uprisings
  • Flashpoints

Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind, the next chapter in the award-winning The Elder Scrolls Online series! Return to the iconic island of Vvardenfell a brand new ESO location, with a new player class, a new PvP mode (Battlegrounds), a new Trial and large scale PvP in Cyrodiil.

The Elder Scrolls Online offers arguably the best large scale PVP environment in the Imperial Cyrodiil province. RUIN offers nightly Cyrodiil clears, offering an unparalleled level of rewards and character progression in an highly discipline siege warfare environment. RUIN continues to support the Aldmeri Dominion campaign and our faction allies.

Cyrodiil Campaign

PVP Objectives: To fight and win by providing prompt, sustained land dominance across the full range of Cyrodiil operations and spectrum of conflict in support of combatant commanders.

New Battlegrounds

Three unique Battlegrounds are coming with The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind‘s launch on June 6. To help you prepare for the conflicts to come, we are featuring ESO: Morrowind‘s Battlegrounds all month. The third and final map to be covered? The mysterious decayed shrine of Ularra, also known to The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind players as Ularradallaku.

ESO Resources 

ESO Mastery Guides

  • Group Composition
  • Builds to support
  • Siege information
  • Officer training and recruitment

Black Desert Online

Margoria Expansion

Set sail in the open ocean!

BDO is a marathon not a sprint. Here in Ruin Gaming we understand the big picture when it comes to Black Desert progression. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was any top tier guild in BDO. Our primary objective is to establish a solid community of passionate like-minded players who want to be a part of something greater.

We want all of our members to feel like they can contribute in someway. If the game seems overwhelming at first, don’t worry, we all were there at one point. What’s more, our BDO branch has experienced and knowledgeable players who can guide you and answer questions about every aspect of the  game. We are always in need of  individuals who are interested in guild missions. Let’s make history!

  1. Short Term Goals  (1-2 Months)
    • 50 Active members who log in daily and participate in guild activities.
    • Get all members to level 56.
  2. Medium Term Goals (3-4 Months)
    • Obtain all combat guild perks.
    • Increase guild capacity to 75 active members.
    • All members have at least a 350+ GS.
    • Compete in T1 Node Wars.
  3. Long Term Goals (6 months +)
    • Obtain a guild house.
    • Complete guild battleship (Galley).
    • Increase guild capacity to 100 active members.
    • Core pvpers have at least a 450+ GS.
    • Compete in T2 – T3 Node Wars.

Guild Contracts (Daily Pay)

Contracts can be increased every 30 days so that a guild member may get paid more daily. We are currently capping daily pay at 100k until the guild has completed purchasing the necessary parts for the guild Galleon. In order to properly track contract increases. Contracts will only be renewed during the first week of each month. The requirements for an increase in daily pay are as follows:

  1. Contractee must play daily and participate in guild missions at least once a week.
  2. Contractee must be on teamspeak during said guild missions.
  3. Contractee must accumulate 10k guild Activity points every two weeks.
  4. Contractee must notify an officer if they are going to be offline for a period of 7 days or longer.

Sieges – Node Warfare

  1. Short Term Goals  (1-2 Months)
    • 50 Active members who log in daily and participate in guild activities.
    • Get all members to level 56.
  2. Medium Term Goals (3-4 Months)
    • Obtain all combat guild perks.
    • Increase guild capacity to 75 active members.
    • All members have at least a 350+ GS.
    • Compete in T1 Node Wars.
  3. Long Term Goals (6 months +)
    • Obtain a guild house.
    • Complete guild battleship (Galley).
    • Increase guild capacity to 100 active members.
    • Core pvpers have at least a 450+ GS.
    • Compete in T2 – T3 Node Wars.

Dark Knight Awakening is here! 4/12/2017

Melee Caster with Floaty Swords!!!

City Construction

The primary objective of RUIN in Conan Exiles is to construct a well defended guild city capable of keeping members safe from siege warfare and attack.

Conan Exiles Updates

New Dungeon: The Dreg

The Exiled Lands are filled with dark caves and mysterious ruins, but now you get a brand-new dungeon to challenge your adventuring urges!

A massive and ancient aqueduct leads water from the mountains down to the Unnamed city. A vast sewer system was built to carry the city’s refuge and waste into the southern river system. Ages ago, dark and dangerous sorcerous experiments were performed in the Unnamed city, and their remnants and leftovers were also flushed down into the tunnels beneath the city.

The Unnamed city fell into ruin long ago, and now only dark and terrible creatures wander its cursed streets. But something malevolent and powerful also lurks in the shadowy sewers beneath the city. Disturbing whispers can be heard in the deep tunnels – whispers which call on you to explore deeper and deeper.

Do you dare to enter? Dare explore the dank sewers in search for power and glory? In ancient times, slaves got the horrendous task of cleaning and clearing out this horrible place shrouded in eternal darkness. It became known as The Dregs.

  • Documenting construction through screenshots, videos, livestream.
  • Social media advertisement and growth of the RUIN Conan server

Diablo III

Season 10 Live!

Diablo III Season 10 is now live in all gameplay regions! To create a Seasonal hero, choose your class, gender, and name as usual, then select the “Seasonal Hero” option.

Necromancer Class Coming Soon (TM)!

The Necromancer will be the next fully-playable class introduced to Diablo III: Reaper of Souls. As a master of the dark arts, you draw your magic from the power of death itself, and command mighty armies of risen warriors! Oh, and you can make corpses explode. There are definitely exploding corpses.

Melee Mancer

The balance of Sanctuary has been threatened, and the Priests of Rathma have sent an acolyte to help restore it. Wielding the visceral powers of blood and bone (along with a cadre of curses), the Necromancer will soon be joining the battle to protect Sanctuary from the Burning Hells.

Upcoming Games

Star Citizen

RUIN is currently constructing a large fleet in preparation for the launch of Star Citizen.

Get to know Star Citizen, a game unlike any other. In this informative video, Game Director Chris Roberts walks you through his ambitious and groundbreaking vision. You’ll learn about the many game modes that form its foundation and come to understand the game’s ultimate goals.

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