Join Ruin in Diablo

Come join Ruin as we lay waste to forces of the burning Hells!

Clan: Ruin

From the moment of reality's creation, the angelic legions of the High Heavens and the demonic hordes of the Burning Hells waged an unending war known as the Eternal Conflic. After eons of battle, individuals from both armies grew weary of fighting and sought out a new home where they could co-exit peacefully.

Those who have pre-purchased Diablo IV will receive Early Access to the Open Beta from March 17–19. On the following weekend, the Open Beta will be available to everyone from March 24–26.

Season 28 introduces Rites of Sanctuary, our new seasonal theme. Using the ancient Altar of Rites, curious Nephalem can follow the instructions, sacrificing various materials for unspeakable power that lasts the entire season.

RUIN strongly recommends our member base avoid Diablo Immortal until monetization and pay to win community concerns have been sufficiently addressed. 

Diablo Immortal is a free-to-play game coming to iOS, Android and PC Open Beta.

Season 25 will begin on December 10, at 5PM (PST/CEST/KST) shortly after our next Diablo III update. Read on to learn more about the season theme and balance changes coming in Patch 2.7.2. We are expecting this update to be released on December 7.

Diablo® II: Resurrected™ is a remastered version of the quintessential action RPG Diablo® II. Pursue the mysterious Dark Wanderer and fight the denizens of hell as you uncover the fate of the Prime Evils Diablo, Mephisto, and Baal, Pre-order for early beta access AUGUST 13–16