World of Warcraft Legion

RUIN Tichondrius North America

Goals and Objectives:

RUIN is on the Tichondrius North America server Alliance and Horde factions. RUIN provides an active progression raid environment as well as structured PVP, World Boss clears with the objective of strong character progression for all members.

Progression Raiding

New and Returning Players Guides

RUIN has a long history in World of Warcraft, having an having an established presence since the launch in 2004. Progression focused, RUIN encourages members to experience all major aspects of gameplay in the rich Warcraft universe. The Legion expansion is the strongest expansion in many years, providing a wealth of content and major reforms and improvements to the core Warcraft experience!

World of Warcraft: Legion Cinematic Trailer

7.3 Shadows of Argus

Watch as Azeroth’s massed forces arrive on the Legion’s homeworld in the prologue to Patch 7.3—Shadows of Argus. The last battle for Argus begins…

7.3 Argus Survival Guide

Learn more about the new content in Patch 7.3 including Argus, Legion Invasion Points, a new Dungeon and more!