New World

Join RUIN in NEW WORLD! Explore a thrilling, open-world MMO filled with danger and opportunity where you'll forge a new destiny on the supernatural island of Aeternum.

The intent of this review is to provide a quick briefing on the RUIN communities experiences in New World and to shed some light on why the vast majority of the community has returned to World of Warcraft, SWTOR, FFXIV and The Elder Scrolls Online.

A decisive Marauder Victory would not have been possible without the concerted and well coordinated efforts of countless members of the Marauder faction who contributed their time and talents despite an extremely challenging resistance from the Covenant and Syndicate factions.

What a week it has been! We’re humbled and honored by the amount of adventurers that have begun to make their mark on Aeternum.

Amazon’s New World is so close to launch on the 28th! Sethphir will talk about pre launch plan tips and tricks to help you level faster for your launch week experience!

Open Beta will begin on September 9 at 7:00AM PT (2:00PM UTC) and continue until September 12 at 11:59PM PT (6:59AM UTC). Interested players will be able to request access beginning on September 8 at 7:00AM PT (2:00PM UTC).