On November 11, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim commemorates a decade of adventures. From epic battles with mighty Dragons across Tamriel’s snowy peaks to countless numbers of pilfered cheese wheels, one common element defines the Skyrim experience: you!

Eternity’s End Developer Preview

Zovaal, the elusive Jailer and ruler of the Maw in the Shadowlands, has made his next move—and with it, he threatens to rewrite the rules of reality. In Eternity’s End, you’ll face him, and perhaps save Azeroth and the Shadowlands from a fate worse than death. Eternity’s End features include:

Shadowlands: The 9.1.5 Content Update

The 9.1.5 content update arrives November 2! When it launches, you’ll be able to freely switch Covenants, as well as take advantage of all the new customization options and quality of life changes.

New World Update: 1.0.1

What a week it has been! We’re humbled and honored by the amount of adventurers that have begun to make their mark on Aeternum.

New World Pre-launch Tips

Amazon’s New World is so close to launch on the 28th! Sethphir will talk about pre launch plan tips and tricks to help you level faster for your launch week experience!