“Whomsoever takes up this blade shall wield power eternal. Just as the blade rends flesh, so must power scar the spirit.”–Muradin – Source: Blizzard

As part of our RUIN 2023 Studio Project an official Frostmourne Replica has been gifted for display with an original World of Warcraft Server blade as the centerpiece of our community collection! The RUIN community is honored to display cherished gaming history as we continue to provide tours of the entirety of World of Warcraft content.

Arthas Takes Frostmourne & Becomes The Lich King

Arthas Takes Frostmourne & Becomes Lich King. All Cinematics. World of Warcraft. In pursuit of vengeance, the once Crown Prince of Lordaeron purged the city of Stratholme, sailed to Northrend, took the cursed blade of Frostmourne, slayed Mal’ganis & returned to scourge his homeland. After slaying Uther & raising Sylvanas and his citizens in undeath, he returned to become the Lich King.

Warcraft: Grand Tour Returns!

Comprehensive Retro World of Warcraft content: 

RUIN hosts tours of ALL World of Warcraft raids, dungeons and open world zones from Classic World of Warcraft to the current Dragonflight expansion. The Grand Tour is a time for new members and veterans to share the rich history and personal anecdotes of their experiences in the World of Warcraft universe over the last eighteen years. A time to remember the thousands of members of RUIN, our allies and adversaries with respect and gratitude.