World of Warcraft Patch 5.4

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Siege of Orgrimmar Patch 5.4 is here!

Legendary Cloaks, Tier 16 gear, Sky Golem mount, & more!

World of Warcraft Patch 5.4

Garrosh Hellscream’s treacherous excavation of the Vale of Eternal Blossoms has finished with sinister results – not just for Pandaria, but for all Azeroth.

In a compound beneath Ragefire Chasm, Garrosh has infused his followers – the ‘true Horde’ – with the pilfered essence of the Old God Y’shaarj. With the power of a primordial world-twisting force at his command, Garrosh can rebuild the Horde in his image: strong, obedient, and, most importantly, ‘pure’.

Vol’jin’s attempts to lead Horde rebels into the capital of Orgrimmar haven’t gone unnoticed – and the mightiest heroes of the Alliance have stepped in to siege one of their enemies’ most prized cities. Will the Alliance be content with overthrowing a despot, or will they crush the Horde at one of the most vulnerable points in its history?

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New Zone: The Timeless Isle

A true enigma, the Timeless Isle has drifted in and out of Pandaria’s mists for thousands of years. Here, time has no meaning, and the sun neither rises nor sets. Its unique characteristics have brought the Isle under the scrutiny of the bronze dragonflight, pandaren explorers, and the black dragon Wrathion.

The Timeless Isle is a Max-level PvE zone located to the east of the Jade Forest. Seek the Isle alone or in a group to collect Timeless Coins (which will allow you to purchase unique gear from the locals) or to do battle with massive creatures and dangerous world bosses. Among the latter are Ordos, the lost Yaungol fire god; and the four August Celestials, who stand ready to test the mettle of adventurers taking part in Wrathion’s legendary quest.

There are no traditional quest-givers advising you on the Timeless Isle; you can simply throw yourself into the experience, collecting coins and reacting to the dynamic events, bosses, and puzzles that emerge from the depths of the isle’s unexplored interior…

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Legendary Quest: Judgment of the Black Prince

The black dragon Wrathion is eager to explore the secrets of the Timeless Isle, and with good reason: the island holds the secret of imbuing celestial cloaks with his own formidable draconic power. Bearers of this new legendary-quality cloak will be able to do battle with the deadly world boss Ordos atop the Timeless Isle, but that isn’t Wrathion’s ultimate goal. Instead, the black prince hopes to send his empowered cloak-bearers into the bowels of Orgrimmar to overthrow the Warchief himself.

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New Raid: The Siege of Orgrimmar

The tyrant must topple. The Siege of Orgrimmar is a 4-wing, 14-boss raid for max-level players, which will call you to take down Warchief Garrosh Hellscream at the head of a host of Azeroth’s finest. You’ll battle from the devastated Vale of Eternal Blossoms and through a full-blown siege of the mighty gates of Orgrimmar, ultimately raiding Garrosh’s lair in the smoldering depths of Ragefire Chasm.

New Raid Mode: Flexible

Flexible raiding is a new raid option allowing you to be part of a massive, tactically challenging raid without having to worry about your party size. When you choose to do a flexible raid in a group sized anywhere from 10-25 people, the difficulty of your raid will automatically adjust to allow you an appropriately challenging experience regardless of how many people are in your group. In terms of overall difficulty, flexible raids are between raid finder and normal difficulty, and have no item level or role requirements.

The Proving Grounds

In Patch 5.4, it’s easier than ever to learn a new role or perfect your current playstyle. Speak to your class trainer (or Trial Master Rotun inside the Temple of the White Tiger in Kun-Lai Summit) to head to the proving grounds, where you can undertake solo trials to practice your class role (Tank, Healer, or Damage). Each trial is available in multiple difficulties – Bronze through Gold and the challenging ‘Endless’ mode, an opportunity to hold out against enemies as long as you can.Your scores and times are recorded, so you can see how you stack up against your friends and guildmates.

The Celestial Tournament

The Celestials hold a weekly tournament on the Timeless Isle to test the leadership skills of would-be pet-masters and their followers. To win the tournament, you must defeat three legendary tamers and the four children of the Celestials themselves, in succession, without healing or reviving your battle pets. Victory will allow you to befriend the Celestial progeny you best in battle, and they’ll join you as pets!