Ruin Darkspear Horde

Ruin is seeking additional challenges in World of Warcraft on the Darkspear server as members of the Horde!

We anticipate this Campaign to last between six and nine months and require no more than 2,000 – 3,000 Ruin members to achieve.

Please whisper Archaos on Darkspear for invitation and leveling assistance!

Kil’Jaeden Update:

Ruin will maintain our Alliance presence on the Kil’Jaeden server, in a reduced capacity.  In response to the exodus of the major Alliance progression raid and rated battle ground guilds from Kil’Jaeden there has been growing pressure to select an alternative server for Ruin.

World PvP has died off on the Kil’Jaeden server in the last several months, leaving Ruin with few adversaries and free reign over virtually undefended Horde cities.  We will be joined by new and old allies alike as we take on the Alliance of Darkspear.

Ruin was drawn to Kil’Jaeden Alliance during Wrath of the Lich King due to its strong reputation for large scale brutal world pvp.  Due to Kil’Jaeden’s large population, relatively even faction populations and long standing guild rivalries it was a natural destination for Ruin following our victories in Warhammer Online.  Kil’Jaeden further solidified its reputation as the World PvP server, throughout Wrath and early Cataclysm massive battles were near daily occurrence.   World PvP focused guilds formed on Kil’Jaeden or transferred there attracting the attention of the Youtube and Twitch streaming communities. For a time Machinima, TGN and other networks had active fan guilds on Kil’Jaeden.  Following the launch of Star Wars: The Old Republic and later Guild Wars 2 many of the world pvp focused organizations moved on to face challenges there.  Although Ruin remained some presence on Kil’Jaeden, the server population and world pvp community has never fully recovered.

Mists of Pandaria has seen significant population declines on many servers resulting in recent server mergers and “clusters” by Blizzard.  Kil’Jaeden has seen a consolidation of players on the Horde faction as finding new recruits became unsustainable for many of the larger progression guilds.  This has left Ruin defending increasingly empty cities, seldom attacked by dwindling adversaries.

Ruin has entertained the possibility of expanding our presence on the Darkspear server ever since Ruin and our allies fought and defeated Dara Mactire  in Star Wars: The Old Republic.  Darkspear remains the only Alliance “dominated” servers in North America.

Additional activity on the Darkspear server Horde faction:

What to expect on Darkspear: 

High Alliance population to fight.

Active streaming communities…to kill.

World of Warcraft celebrities and their fan guilds…to kill.