SWTOR: Gabe Amatangelo on improving the game


The Cynical Brit Discusses SWTOR with PvP lead Developer Gabe Amtangelo

It is no secret that Star Wars: The Old Republic has had some issues following the 1.1 patch. Issues with SWTOR’s end game have become more apparent. Faction balance, population and typical technical and bugs all require attention.

Despite these problems our community server:The Crucible Pits has experienced very healthy pvp.  Both Imperial and Republic forces fighting across the zone. Improvements to client performance have made Ilum increasingly enjoyable.

Certain improvements in SWTOR have lead to new problems. Ilum’s recent changes have eliminated base trading, however, they have revealed the limits of SWTOR’s Hero engine. Population caps to improve performance have been implemented. Currently Ilum currently supports about 100-125 players, well under the player caps from pvp lakes in Warhammer and even fewer than Tol Barad or Wintergrasp in World of Warcraft. Technical improvements and bug fixing will be required in order to make Ilum a true world pvp zone.

SWTOR’s lead pvp designer Gabe Amatangelo discusses plans and improvements for Bioware’s new mmo during an interview with TotalBiscuit. Gabe discusses polishing, technical improvements and some spoilers and new conten. Gabe discusses improvements for Ilum and ensuring that a more healthy pvp experience exists.

On the PvPO front Gabe hints to the implementation of a battlegroup system to allow for additional pvp brackets opening the door for some form of pvp ranking system. In addition a new match making system for Warzones.

New PVE content focusing on the Hutt Cartel story arc are revealed as well during the interview. We can expect more Flashpoints and four player content in the near future as well.