Hearthstone Journey to Un’Goro

Prepare to Embark on a Journey to Un’Goro!

An ancient jungle full of primordial wonder, unearthed secrets, and elemental energy awaits in Hearthstone’s next expansion: Journey to Un’Goro.

Prepare to Embark on a Journey to Un’Goro!

In Journey to Un’Goro, Plant Eats You

Ready to join Elise Starseeker and her junior explorers on an expedition into the uncharted territory of Un’Goro crater? Your descent into these wild lands will be a thrilling adventure—you’ll make wondrous discoveries as you become one of the first to unearth mysteries long forgotten under the thick jungle mists. Un’Goro’s prehistoric inhabitants may not take kindly to your curiosity, but you never know who might appear to offer assistance in your time of need.

Adapting to Your Surroundings

Pack your journal and a trusty quill, because there’s more to the inhabitants of Un’Goro than meets the eye—135 all-new minions, spells, and more await you in Hearthstone’s newest expansion.



Nothing is more primal than the elements themselves, and Un’Goro’s ancient energies empower the resident elementals with a vigor and ferocity not seen anywhere else. Some of Hearthstone’s familiar faces will gain the Elemental minion type, joining the ranks of Murlocs, Dragons, Pirates, and Beasts for exciting new synergies.


Quickly, grab your quill—we’ve stumbled upon one of Un’Goro’s resident fauna, the Verdant Longneck. While it may seem like a simple, harmless herbivore at first glance, these creatures have the ability to adapt to threats in their environment. Write this next part down!


The new Adapt keyword allows a minion to become infused with elemental power, granting it new properties. Similar to the discover mechanic, you will be presented with three options when you play a card with Adapt. You can choose one of these three options to immediately buff your minion. There are ten total Adaptations to choose from, so you’ll have plenty of options to respond to threats presented by your opponent.



While we’re in Un’Goro, let’s be sure to see and document all we can. From the hottest volcano to the stickiest, bubbliest tar pits, there’s a wealth of new and exciting things to discover. Let’s make it a personal Quest to see them all!

Quest cards are an exciting new card type coming to Hearthstone. Quest cards are Legendary, so you can only have one in your deck, and they’ll always appear in your opening hand. Each Quest will have prerequisites listed on it—should you complete them, you’ll be granted incredible rewards! Quests show up on your Hero Portrait once you play them. Check out the Priest Quest “Awaken the Makers” and the card awarded from completing it: Amara, Warden of Hope!

Pull back the vines and peer through your spyglass at the delightfully overgrown Un’Goro game board!


Pre-Purchase Journey to Un’Goro


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On a dangerous trek, it helps to be prepared for anything! Starting tomorrow, you can pre-purchase 50 Journey to Un’Goro card packs for $49.99 USD and receive the Fossil card back. The extra supplies will be waiting for you at base camp. By Elise’s calculations, you should arrive there in early April, just in time for the expansion’s official release.


Wake Me Up Before You Un’Goro

Be sure to triple-check your supplies before heading out on your expedition. Dinosaur repellant? Check. Tar-Be-Gone? Check. A Hearthstone-compatible device to play on (Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android) . . . check. It looks like you’re almost ready to head out!

Elise Starseeker and her band of brave, pint-sized explorers will be cataloguing their findings on ungoro.com. Since you’ve been enlisted to join Elise for this expedition, you’ll be able to influence where the explorers go and what they search for, so be sure to check back regularly and provide your expert opinion along the way.

If you see anything peculiar, be sure to document your findings with the hashtag #UnGoro. A true adventurer shares their findings with the world! Be on the lookout—we’ll be revealing Un’Goro’s secrets (and minions, and spells) over on the official Hearthstone Facebook and Twitter.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this first look at Journey to Un’Goro. More card reveals will begin on March 17. Get ready to take a walk on the wild side—The Year of the Mammoth and Journey to Un’Goro officially launch in early April!