Ruin Gaming: Weekly Round-Table


Blizzcon with Ruin Gaming at the Hilton on Saturday 22nd.

TGN announces “We are youtube” movement. A community initiative to build a supportive environment for aspiring youtube professionals.

World of Warcraft 4.3 on the Public Test Realm

Ruin Gaming 2500 Gladiator Rated Battleground team announced! Apply at

  • Deathwing Raid
  • New dungeons
  • New Arena map
  • New Raid system “looking for raid”

Battlefield 3 Beta

EA has opened the Battlefield 3 Beta with the  Operation Metro map. The current Beta testing focuses on class balance and infantry play. The Caspian Border vehicle map was briefly brought online for testing. This huge vehicle map showcased the full potential of the Frostbite engine; destructible terrain, next generation graphics and a high degree of polished game play. We are all eagerly awaiting the reopening of this map for testing.

Diablo III Beta

Ruin Gaming coverage of the Diablo III beta continues. Thriius will be releasing an in-depth crafting guide as well as Beta maximum level skill and class guides. Please stay tuned on the TGN Diablo III show:


Bioware has re-opened the closed beta with fresh characters. Testing continues, new features in this build include the Ilum world pvp zone. Ruin Gaming will continue to provide updates and information as it becomes available from the SWTOR Beta.

Guild Wars 2 Beta

Release date and closed beta. Arenanet announced they are “on schedule” for a late 2011 closed beta launch. Indicating an early 2012 launch date.