“We Are YouTube” Launched Today!


By George Vanous on Oct 1, 2011 1:12 pm

A new movement launched today celebrating the YouTube community: We Are YouTube – WAY.

“We Are YouTube” is about interacting, creating friendships and a sense of family on YouTube, using free tools like social networking on TGN Social and the YouTube Director’s Handbook.

TGN is just a facilitator, providing the infrastructure to help making this movement happen.

Practicing these ideals, the first TGN Director went full time today, earning $2,000 a month doing what he loves: gaming! That is Roberto Garcia, aka Towelliee. He is one of the original TGN Directors who started a year ago. This is the spirit of WAY.

George Vanous, CEO of TGN, said, “It took us a year to realize it doesn’t have to take a year for others to do the same as Towelliee. TGN will help all motivated people do what Towelliee did in 6 months, maybe sooner, maybe longer depending on how dedicated they are.”