RUIN 2024

The future of RUIN

RUIN will continue to update this information to reflect our current goals and objectives. Announcements regarding major campaigns will be made on Discord.


There are very few guild communities that have stood the test of time and remain from the original World of Warcraft Launch in 2004. RUIN needs your help to build a dependable home in in gaming for decades to come. 

Support RUIN

RUIN is an online war gaming community focused on MMORPGS. We specialize in large scale player versus player events, siege warfare and allied coalition building. 

RUIN needs your support

Help RUIN to continue to host massive PvP campaigns for thousands of war gaming enthusiasts in the greatest games currently available and in development for the future!

Join RUIN on massive virtual war campaign as we journey through never-before-seen worlds filled with hidden wonders and lurking perils. 

We are in the final stages of preparation for the Epic World Soul Saga. Three expansions expected to span a new era of World of Warcraft with Chris Metzen at the helm! This three expansion saga will last from 2024-2030! 

Burdened by Glorious Purpose

We believe MMORPGS are the ultimate form of online entertainment. Offering unparalleled cinematic experiences in immersive in iconic fantasy, film and literary universes. An incredible constantly improving genre with enormous potential for years to come!

About RUIN

Game engine technology has become so advanced that Unreal 5 and similar world building tools are used in film and streaming. Gaming allows for an increasingly cinematic immerse experience that will eventually merge with virtual reality as the preferred form of entertainment.

RUIN needs your help to ensure our guild community, real world events and daily in game content schedule is there for you for years to come!

Developer engagement

RUIN will continue to work towards improving the Player Versus Player experience in the games we play. Direct developer communication with the objective of delivering the PVP experience that lives up to the expectations of our members. 

The World Soul Saga is expected to run from 2024 until 2030! Planning for next three World of Warcraft expansions, continuing our tradition of real world events such as BlizzCon get togethers on the East and West Coasts 

How you can help:

RUIN will continue to provide outstanding field leadership, aggressive recruitment and training for new members. active player versus player during critical game launches, building an effective fighting force to compete at the highest levels while supporting our allies and partners on the battlefield. 

RUIN excels at providing a well-organized fighting force, coordinating with a large group of Allies and partners to work towards Victory. We have always achieved our long-term campaign goals because we have invested in planning for future campaigns. 

Many promising new game launches are on the horizon. Our members are actively testing Ashes of Creation, Throne and Liberty, Pax Dei as well as upcoming expansions to our primary games.

Ideal State

  • RUIN is a base of operations, a home for our members to rely on for their gaming hobby. Extreme confidence in gaming and the MMORPG genre for the future.
  • Stewardship: Reliable stable consistent scheduled content for our members on a daily and weekly basis.
  • Community and Team Building: A home for War Gaming enthusiasts.
  • RUIN Real World Events:  We believe in the importance of real world events and destination gaming.
  • Central focus on our Discord based community.
  • Citizenship: Continual process of personal improvement. 

Long term stability

RUIN maintains the ability to rapidly mobilize in different games, experience critical game launches. 

World of Warcraft: The World Soul Saga

The Worldsoul Saga

A grand final campaign in World of Warcraft. Chris Metzen is back at the helm of World of Warcraft.

The War Within

Defend Azeroth from the Shadows Below. RUIN will continue to closely follow the Player versus Player content offered in World of Warcraft: The War Within. Currently there is no evidence of a major overhaul to the PVP system or major centerpiece objectives.

World of Warcraft Classic

RUIN will continue to support World of Warcraft Classic and Pandaria Remix. A nostalgic opportunity to relive previous campaigns and share our experiences from these important gaming milestones.

World of Warcraft Pandaria Remix

Relive epic adventures with an all-new event— World of Warcraft Remix: Mists of Pandaria. Experience the wonders of Pandaria anew, but with fresh new loot— and (almost) unlimited power.

Long term planning and support

Current Games

World of Warcraft 


Survival Sandbox