An Eye on Player Behavior and Reporting Improvements

An Eye on Player Behavior and Reporting Improvements

May 26, 2022 by Blizzard Entertainment

As a part of our ongoing efforts to foster a fun, fair, and safe game environment for our community, we’re implementing some improvements to the system with the 9.2.5 update. We know how important it is for our players to be a part of a safe and supportive community, and we want to help foster that by providing you with tools and information you can use to help promote and create it alongside us.


Creating a positive experience in World of Warcraft is important to the entire team. As a part of helping drive that focus, we’ve pulled together a multi-disciplinary team to look at varying aspects of what we can do to help make things better. The 9.1.5 content update allowed us to provide additional updates to our reporting system that enable more visibility to player reporting by sending thank you messages to players who reported others for violating our code of conduct. Additionally, most players who are close to being actioned within the game are now receiving a warning message. This is only the start of what we have in store, and the 9.2.5 content update provides some further improvements to the system.


When players first log in to World of Warcraft after the 9.2.5 content update goes live, they will be greeted by the new Social Contract. This contract will need to be read and accepted before a player can continue into the world of Azeroth. The contract outlines behavior that will help make your experiences more positive and provides an outline of behaviors that are not acceptable within the game. While you should only need to accept it once, there may be a future point where you’ll need to reaccept the contract to continue playing.


We’ve modernized how reporting works in-game, making it even easier to report disruptive or poor player behavior.

  1. Right-click the player’s name in chat or other applicable area.
  2. Click ‘Report Player’.
  3. This will open a popup allowing you to select the appropriate reason for the report as well as allow you to add additional details.
  4. Click ‘report’.

You’ll receive a notice acknowledging your report and thanking you for your help in making Azeroth a better place to be. Should action be taken against the reported player, you’ll receive an additional thank you message in the weeks following your original report.

We’ve also taken some time to further streamline our system and penalties, allowing us to act more quickly, accurately, and (if necessary) more severely depending on the in-game violation.

These updates are merely the beginning of our efforts to provide a better place to spend your time. We know that Azeroth is special to many of you, and we want to make sure it continues to be a place you want to call home.