World of Warcraft

The Feast of Winter Veil is a festive time of year during which players can sample delicious festive treats, playfully toss snowballs, and receive special holiday gifts!

Take to the skies with the dragonflights of Azeroth as they return to the Dragon Isles, a lost realm of magic and wonder. There await the dracthyr evokers, an all-new playable hero class who stand ready to join the ranks of the Horde and Alliance to face an ancient threat.

Having shown Emberthal the rise and fall of the Aspects, Nozdormu takes her on a final journey to confront her forgotten memories and reveal the last piece of a once-shrouded mystery.

Nozdormu transports Emberthal, the DracThyr warrior, back in time to witness crucial moments in the history of the Dragon Aspects. A cautionary tale of both corruption and sacrifice.

His evil is legend. His power and malice unparalleled. Lord of the undead Scourge, wielder of the cursed runeblade Frostmourne, and nemesis of the living. All must serve the one true King.