SWTOR Patch 1.2 New Corellia Dailies Preview

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Hey, this is Anyday with TGN and I’m going to talk about the new Correllia dailies at The Black Hole.

Once you get to the planet of Corellia, you’ll need to find a shuttle craft and it should be fairly close to where the spaceport is. After reaching the black hole, head inside the building nearby to pick up the quests. Each solo daily gives you 1 daily commendation and the Heroic 4+ instance daily gives out 3 daily commendations. The weekly gives out 6 Black Hole commendations, which is to finish all dailies once. It’s a good idea to do this because you’ll be buying the next Tier of gear with these commendations.

The daily commendations you obtain can be used on the vendors near where you turn in the daily, and they have some pretty nice items for PvE so it would be a good idea to start saving up now if you haven’t already. They have Rakata level neck-pieces aswell as relics and they appear to have pretty decent stats. It will definitely be worth a trip to come out here in 1.2 to see if you like anything here and to also pick up your black hole commendations.

I did skip a few dailies in this video because they are pretty simple quests where you kill a few guys and collect a few crates. Also if you’d like to see my entire run through the Heroic instance daily, click on the video annotation.

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