Star Wars: The Old Republic Battle for Alderaan Warzone

The battle for alderaan is a 12 v 12 warzone that you can remotely que for via the warzone button located on the interface. The stage for the battle is that you are being dispatched to capture an imporant srategic position on alderaan in the form of three high powered turrets. Empire forces have been dispatched to stop you and you must capture all three of these turrets and blow the empire ship out of the sky in order to win the warzone and secure the guns for your faction story wise.


The objective of Battle for Alderaan is to take control of the three gun turrets located in the warzone,the first turret is located in the middle of the map while one is located on the far left side and the last capturable turret is located on the far right side. Now the point of these turrets is to capture and hold them while you drain the enemy resource cache which is located at the top right of your screen. The system works in like a reverse Arathi Basin style of game where capture nodes drains the opposing teams rescourses until they have none left and they loose.

How the battle progresses:

The battle starts out with everyone in their respective ships over looking the battefield about one min before the battle begins. At the 30 second mark a voice comes over the intercom and details the lore aspects of the battle for everyone inside. Speeder bikes appear and you are able to fly down arnd around the battlefield and land on a landing pad located near the center objective. Then people break off into teams and the battle progresses until one side has run out of resources and looses. There are also numerous buffs hidden throughout the warzone that are able to be picked up by players such as: double damage for a short time,healing buffs and a 150% speed buff to get between nodes faster. Also when your team captures a node in order to easily defend it speeder bikes appear on your ship that take you directly to your node for easy defence.

Strats for Battle for Alderaan:

The best way currently to win Battle for Alderaan is to break off at the start into two teams of six. You take one of your groups to the middle and take another group to the left which is closest to the spawn where the Republic starts. This usually as of now confuses many people on the empire side and they will just try to zerg you back and forth. This gives the republic the pincer manuever in which when Empire zergs one node you take your other six people and take them from behind. You can repeat this process over and over until the enemy side runs out of resources and you win the battle!


Battle for Alderaan is the only warzone people have had access to outside those lucky few in the beta, but if this is an indication as to how all the warzones will work and future warzones will be developed. I think it is safe to say that instanced battle-grounds are going to be a fun source of content for everyone. But the real fun will hopefully be to come with the inclusion of PvP lakes into Star Wars-The Old Republic we stand to see a much better spread of PvP content in this game than any game that has come out since Warhammer.