Star Wars: The Old Republic – Onslaught Expansion

The Onslaught Expansion is Live!

Star Wars: The Old Republic: Onslaught puts you at the center of the reignited war between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. Will you remain loyal to your faction or undermine and sabotage their war efforts? The choice is yours.

Explore two new planets, a new Flashpoint on the war-torn world of Corellia, a new Operation set in the lush jungles of Dxun and more! Reap the spoils of war with reworked itemization, an increased level cap, and new abilities.

Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ – Onslaught, the latest expansion launching October 22, continues the epic saga of the Old Republic era as the conflict between the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire reignites, engulfing the galaxy in the flames of war. Explore the ancient planet of Onderon, watch your back in the lawless port of Mek-Sha, face deadly creatures on Dxun, and return to war-torn Corellia in the latest Flashpoint as you battle through a key shipyard facility – with all-new Tactical items and Set Bonuses to enhance your personal playstyle.

Darth Malgus has returned. Will you stand against him, or join his apocalyptic campaign against the Republic? Your choices will determine the fate of the galaxy….

New Storyline: War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire blazes across the galaxy. Crucial resources dwindle as piracy and crime escalate dramatically. Amid this chaos, the Alliance Commander has the chance to tip the scales in favor of either faction, committing their elite forces to decide the fate of the galaxy.

Onderon: On the ancient world of Onderon, untamed jungles and savage beasts hide a conspiracy that could shatter this planet’s ancient allegiance to the Republic forever.

Mek-Sha: Built in a mined-out asteroid once controlled by the Hutts, Mek-Sha has become a crossroads for the entire galaxy: a lawless den of smugglers, pirates, mercenaries, traders, and refugees where opportunity and danger can be found in equal measure.

Objective Meridian: The dramatic finale of the expansion storyline takes place in an all-new Flashpoint on the classic SWTOR planet Corellia, where the Sith Empire and Galactic Republic engage in a brutal struggle around a key shipyard facility. Join the battle and explore this deadly battleground alone or with a group!

The Nature of Progress: Dxun, Onderon’s largest moon, is teeming with wild and vicious predators, drawing the attention of the unscrupulous Czerka Interstellar and a band of fanatical Trandoshan hunters. Gather your friends and prepare for one of the galaxy’s greatest challenges in this new Operation!

The Spoils of War: Play your way with the most exciting and diverse selection of gear yet! With all-new Tactical items, new Set Bonuses, and more, you can pick the gear that enhances your personal playstyle and truly make your character your own.

Free-to-Play Changes: Coinciding with the launch of the Onslaught Expansion, we’ve made a few more changes for Free-to-Play members. Both the Rise of the Hutt Cartel Expansion, Shadow of Revan Expansion, and their respective level increases are now available for Free-to-Play players!

Star Wars: The Old Republic: Onslaught is now live and free for all Subscribers! The next great galactic war has erupted—who will you support, and who will you sabotage in this climactic battle for the future of the galaxy?