★ Diablo 3 – Top 3 Reason to Play Witch Doctor!


Kinetic presents Diablo 3 Witch Doctor coverage! The Witch Doctor is the class that appealed to me the least. However, after spending some quality time with this class, I realize, there’s a lot of appeal when playing as a Witch Doctor.

Top Three Reasons:

  • Damage over time spells (DOTS). Witch Doctors have some of the strongest ranged attacks in Diablo 3, including the ability to put dots on multiple enemies simultaneously, similar to a Warlock in World of Warcraft.
  • Pets! Similar to the necromancer from Diablo II the Witch Doctor can summon minions to fight for them.
  • With Doctors are completely over-powered. Yes, the top reason to play a Witch Doctor is because they are severely OP. They rank as one of the top character candidates for me at launch.


We’re almost done with our Top 3 Reasons to Play (Class) and then we’ll be moving on to more coverage of Diablo 3!

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