Ruin prepares for Guild Wars 2!

Ruin Gaming has always prided ourselves on community focused game-play. Massive multiplayer online games are at their best when they allow for communities and the guilds that represent to play and compete against one another with as few restrictions as possible. Guild Wars 2 delivers on this promise. 

Why Guild Wars 2 is the next great MMORPG

Guild Wars 2 is actually a massive multi-player game. Unlike World of Warcraft and its various clones, you are not restricted to the same instanced small scale pvp characterized by battlegrounds and arenas.  Though that style of combat exists in Guild Wars as well. Most “MMOS” have become little more than lobby games, similar to Diablo model where small groups are formed to complete instanced objectives that have absolutely no bearing on the game world whatsoever. Guild Wars 2 provides a hybrid MMORGP experience. Borrowing innovations from many MMORPGS launched over the last decade.

Guild Wars 2’s development staff has clearly invested a lot of thought into what is wrong with current World of Warcraft style MMORPGS. As a result they have implemented a  Dynamic World Event based system, a form of public questing, in which players can work cooperatively to achieve objectives.

Guild Wars 2 Features versus World of Warcraft

How learning from EvE Online will help Ruin Gaming in Guild Wars 2

In order for Ruin Gaming to continue to win in Guild Wars 2 we must first learn from sandbox games like EvE online. Eve online provide an excellent sand box environment where massive online communities vie for money, influence and galactic control.  The “big picture” meta gaming of alliances, intrigue, spying and counter-intelligence that EvE online  requires are lessons that must be learned in order for us to take full advantage of the unrestricted two week long Mist “matches” of Guild Wars 2.

OMG  Drake Zerg! I bet not a single one of those pilots was a multi-gladiator in World of Warcraft, therefore they must all be bad and a zerg!

In the Mists there are few rules and restrictions. Player caps are high (in the thousands), siege weapons can be placed nearly anywhere. Even the most tactically skilled player can easily be killed by an artillery piece crewed by a level two player. Strategy wins in the Mists, leadership and communication are crucial.  If your enemy has more resources and players at their disposal you must counter them or lose. There are consequences for failure and rewards for victory. Guild Wars 2 is not World of Warcraft. Servers that are poorly organized with weak guild alliances will be rolled over by those with well lead, well organized servers. The notoriously harsh learning curve and enormous time commitment required by Eve online has always deterred many of our more casual members from being able to enjoy and appreciate and experience the strengths of the sandbox model.

Why Guild Wars 2 will be a great game:

Guild Wars 2 provides a hybrid MMORGP experience. Borrowing innovations from many MMORPGS launched over the last decade.

Dynamic World Events, a form of public questing.

Quest and PvP bolstering, your character stats will always be appropriate for the content you are engaged in, regardless of level

In pvp you will have max level stats, only the abilities provided by level and gear choices will distinguish you in pvp and pve.