Camelot Unchained Kickstarter Drive!

Supporting the development of Camelot Unchained will provide many benefits to the guild and individual members. The specifics of the different Kickstarter support tiers are detailed below.

Ruin Gaming prides itself as a premier Realm versus Realm organization. We continue to support studios involved in the development of large scale pvp and community centered games. Any game that actively supports large scale pvp and greater “sandbox” freedom to build and create virtual societies deserve our support and engagement in the development process. Donate Here:

Guild Pledge Goals

Beyond the benefits of supporting the development of games that suit our play style Kickstarter investment has in game benefits for individual players and the guild as a whole. It is important for Ruin to reserve its guild name as well as potential to achieve more ambitious goals of land ownership for the purpose of constructing a Guild Hall and city.

GUILD OF THE VEIL Reserving Guild Name: Requires $600

Our first guild-oriented tier includes all the WARRIOR rewards for you and 9 guild members RESERVED NAMING RIGHTS for our guild.

Our own Guild Island: Requires $5,000

This is obviously a significant investment. However, as a community our member base is large enough to support this ambitious goal so long as we have total guild participation. The design of the Island will require some additional discussion within the guild.

We will hold an “Island Fortress” investment meeting to discuss the creation and design of our Island fortress in Minecraft.

NO MAN IS AN ISLAND BUT I OWN ONE. PHYSICAL REWARDS. Best of all, this island will be reachable only by flier and you will work with our team to customize your island. You and your guests will have free and unlimited access to and from your island, and you can even allow them to set up houses there. The island will also have its own mines and resources that you can harvest. In addition, pledge owner also receives 8 DIGITAL COPIES OF THE GAME (REDEEMABLE AT THE HERO LEVEL ONLY). This package will not be available after release. Estimated delivery of Internal Testing Access: January 2014.