Conquest of Kil’Jaeden continues

Ruin Gaming continues our campaign of conquest against the Horde of Kil’Jaeden. The Alliance war machine continues to spread peace and justice in our crusade to bring freedom to the Horde faction.

The Horde Shrine of Two Moons under Ruinous occupation.

Three raid groups of Ruin members and allied guilds occupied the Shrine of Two Moons 17th February in retaliation for aggression against Alliance territory. Horde casualties numbered in the thousands. As always Ruin Gaming made every effort to minimize non combatant casualties. Evacuation warnings were issued prior to and during this operation. We regret any disruption of transportation services that may have resulted from combat activities.

Horde cities under assault during a For the Alliance operation.

Horde 40 boxer killed and humiliated while trying to flee from the Shrine of Two Moons.

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