DC Universe Online Review

mortalkombatvsdcuniverseps3xbox360screenshots3709mdcps3x360wwscreenshot00607312008hires-screenshotWell I’ve been taking a bit of a hiatus from WoW for the past week, the shiny from Cataclysm has worn off and it is just more of the same game. In that time I decided to try out DC Universe Online. Generally I don’t go for the super hero genre that much, but this game has made a believer out of me. The game is very addictive because it is actually fun, it doesn’t seem like a second job. It takes a couple of days to reach max level then you can focus on either PvP or PvE. I haven’t tried out much of the PvE yet, though from what I hear it is definately challenging. The PvP is amazing, the instances can be very intense and it allows for constant open world PvP. There are very few sanctuaries, and in order to really do anything except for queue for an arena or buy some gear, you have to be out in the open to do it.

The Class system is very open to modification and customization. There are really no set “classes” in the game. Some power types have obvious advantages and therefore get certain bonuses for certain roles (IE Fire and Ice abilities are geared towards tanking, so if you pick one of those powers you have the ability to access the tank role which gives you certain bonuses and minuses that make it easier to tank).

While customization isn’t the best that I’ve seen, I have definately seen far worse. There are 3 basic body types for male and female models. After that the customization is pretty good (if you ignore the fact you can’t really customize your base model). Also once you find something you like, you can lock your appearance so no matter what gear you get, your appearance stays the same.

I haven’t really been able to find any major drawbacks that can’t be attributed to the game being released less than a month ago. There are a few bugs here and there, though not as many as some releases I have played by far. The client is fast and stable (I have only had 1 crash). Maintenance downtime is generally pretty brief. Though SOE customer service still blows chunks.

In closing I would give this game in it’s current state a 3 out of 5, as it is very fun, though lacks a lot of features that some MMO players want. Also I can’t say anything towards it’s staying power as the game has been just released and I haven’t seen any major content patches yet. If SOE can refine the client and release regular content updates I would not hesitate to raise that rating to a 4.


Fast leveling

No tedious grinding

Fast stable client

Amazing graphics (for a mmo)

No static classes – Highly customizable to suit your play style

Actual rewards for completing in game acheivements (not just useless points)

Extremely fun and intense PvP

Ability to keep a skin you like locked in case you dont like how better gear looks


Some of the interfaces need work (ie party and raid interfaces)

Poor customizability options (not bad like a korean grinder, better than WoW, but worse than Aion).

Customer service is bad (in terms of mmo customer service)

Chat filter is too strict and cannot be disabled (cannot say “amusement” because it has the word “semen” in it)

No crafting



Fully voiced

Always flagged for PvP when on a PvP server

World PvP events that give access to worthwhile gear

Can be played on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 (in the same world)