WoW Guide : Fast Gold in MoP

Shinobi explains how to make consistent quick gold in World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria!

Sub to Shinobi:
Enchanting Vid:
JC Vid:
Shinobi’s UI:
800 Ring/Amulets:

Music By: Monstercat Media
Song Name: We Move

7x Small Ethereal Shard = 140g
8x Mysterious Essence = 160g
5x Spirit Dust Stacks = 250g
9x River’s Heart = 270g
4x Wild Jade = 260g
2x Vermilion Onyx = 100g
8x Imperial Amethyst = 520g
2x Primordial Ruby = 30g
3x Sun’s Radiance = 210g
10x Serpent Eye = 110g

Total Gold for 1 Hour = 2050g