Planetside 2 Launch

PlanetSide 2 launches November 20th!

Ruin Gaming deploys to Planetside.

The long anticipated sequel to iconic science fiction Massive multiplayer first person shooter Planetside, offering a three faction campaign on a truly epic scale. Ruin Gaming has been searching for a world pvp based game that supports our player base. In Planetside up to 2,000 players can fight simultaneously on a single map, allowing Ruin to bring the full power of our member base to bare without the hassle of queue’s and other frustrating restrictions.

Planetside uses SOE’s Forgelight Engine which in turn uses nVidia’s PhysX API for its physics engine.  Planetside 2 simply works. The Planetside 2 engine.

Guild Wars 2

Having climbed to the top of the European bracket and conquered the French menace Ruin Gaming looks for new challenges. We thank all of our allies and those who have fought alongside us for their contributions and encourage them to join us in future games.

We will maintain a small force in Guild Wars 2 to ensure the departure of the remaining French server Vizunah from tier one.

We have long been frustrated by many of the more fundamental problems plaguing Guild Wars 2. World versus World in Guild Wars remains very limited, offering only two maps and harsh player caps. Technical problems such as the notorious “player culling” coupled with rampant exploiting and third party hacks further cripple an otherwise promising game. Hopefully Arenanet will give these serious issues the attention they deserve. Guild Wars 2 remains a free to play game which will allow us to return if and when new relevant pvp content is made available.