Victory Europe Day!

RUIN Gaming declares total Victory in Europe day 8th November 2012.

Ruin gaming and our allies have achieved a decisive and victory in the European tier one bracket against the combined French forces of Vizunah Square and Arborstone. Despite the overwhelming two to one numerical superiority of the combined French servers the Desolation international coalition prevailed in a decisive victory.

Freedom comes to Europe!

Ruin has come to bring back freedom and true competition to the European bracket. The decadence and corruption of Vizunah [FR] must be cast down never to threaten a free Europe again.

The hypocrisy of Vizunah, who rose to prominence due to their French Canadian night presence now decries Desolation as playing “unfairly” now that they have North American support of their own! Desolation and Ruin will no longer tolerate French servers destroying any challenger who enters tier one. The cowardly Vizunah tactics of cross realming, spying and blatant two to one odds have not been sufficient to give them victory.

The French Threat Continues

The French threat must be ended in tier one forever. We must start by destroying Vizunah’s remaining presence. Ruin will raise a European army to ensure a two server French server threat never returns to threaten Freedom and competition again.  Ruin asks all those willing to serve to step forward.

Screenshots Below:

Desolation versus Vizunah Square versus Arborstone

Round 1:

Ruin night offensives took an enormous toll on Vizunah and Arborstone throughout the first week of fighting. Though “alarm clock” raids by Vizunah were able to finally able to temporarily slow the Desolation advance, the costs were too high for Vizunah players. Burn out and fatigue eventually took their toll on Vizunah and the constant waves of fresh Desolation European reinforcements coupled with the crushing financial strain of having all territories wiped out every day made resistance impossible for the French.

Desolation took a strong initial lead against our opponents.

Ruin Golem armies regularly cut a swath through French territory. French casualties during our night bombing campaigns were in the tens of thousands throughout the first week of fighting.

Desperation lead French cross realm players to attempt to waste our supplies in keeps and Stonemist. Their efforts were largely unsuccessful and many fly-hackers and exploiters were reported and banned.