Ruin engages in aggressive diplomacy with Sea of Sorrows!

Unfortunately there have been some public complaints aired on Reddit concerning Ruin’s conduct during the Sea of Sorrows match. Ruin Gaming takes any and all allegations of misconduct seriously and has resolved to vigorously defend our reputation.

Reddit Post

This video has been made to respond to a variety of baseless accusations leveled at Ruin.

As a response to the outcries and customer service backlogging said to be a direct result of the “Ruin – Sea of Sorrows Quarantine Zone,” we were kind enough to give an inside look at the inter-workings of the infamous, disorderly and dissented “Ruin Zerg” – known best for their groundbreaking espionage tactics gaining them an unfair advantage in competitive World PvP.

Ruin is located on the Eredon Terrace Server

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