George: TV Guide! – What Crazy Idea is That?

TGN Central is now the TV Guide – Learn why in this vlog!

See the TV Guide

TV Network Managers Wanted

If you are interested, email me directly at (email is in the video) with the subject “TGN TV Network Manager”. If you don’t use that subject, I may miss your email because you have no idea how many emails I get every day ๐Ÿ™

I will train all accepted candidates everything I learned to build TGN Central from 0 to what it is today.

Roles & Responsibilities
You will apply that training to build all the new TV Network channels just like TGN Central, and train others to do the same.

If you have industry experience in TV, marketing or media, that helps! I don’t really care about academic degrees – of course it helps, but real-world experience is far more valuable ๐Ÿ™‚

Personal Summary
I have a double major in Mathematics and Computer Science from Simon Fraser University. I worked at Microsoft building Hotmail in 2006-2007. Google hired me in 2008 to work on Google Maps but I turned that down to pursue my “Asia from Anywhere” business idea to promote Asian singers, who sang well in English, outside of Asia. I founded TGN in 2009 and here we are today

Spanish TV launched today!

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Hi guys, this is George, Head of TGN, but this is not me speaking as the head of TGN.

This is my personal channel and I am speaking to you as simply George.