Guild News Update

It’s official: Guild Wars 2 is almost ready. And that means ArenaNet has finally announced a release date for real and for true: August 28th, 2012.

Guild Wars 2: Get Ready

So you can stop refreshing Amazon, you can stop moping in the comments every time we post about Guild Wars 2, and you can stop trying to budget your summer play schedule around your best guesstimates for when you’ll need to stock your fridge and call in sick to work. Sit back and enjoy the remaining beta weekends and the hype because (most) games launch only once!

SWTOR Patch 1.3

Game Update 1.3: Allies

Release Date: June 26th, 2012

Game Update 1.3: Allies, brings a number of exciting new features to Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ including a Group Finder tool and Legacy Perks! This Game Update will also include an update to the Alderaan Warzone, Adaptive Gear, and more.


Game System: Group Finder

Game Update 1.3 brings a Group Finder tool that will help you quickly form groups to take on the many Flashpoints and Operations in The Old Republic™. You will be able to select your preferred role within a group, as well as the type of content that you and your friends want to tackle, whether it’s Flashpoints or Operations.

Game System: Legacy Perks

Allies expands on the Legacy System by adding new bonuses which will allow you to travel the galaxy and customize your gaming experience. This includes Advancement Perks that grant you experience bonuses for taking part in Warzones, Flashpoints, or Space Missions. Some Legacy Perks will even grant you extra experience for continuing a character’s story!

Other Legacy Perks that you can unlock include a spawnable item repair droid, the ability to pilot speeders at level 10, and a number of bonuses for your Companion which increase their affection, improve their item crafting abilities, and decrease the time Companions spend selling items to vendors.

Game System: Adaptive Gear

Game Update 1.3 will allow you to coordinate with your allies and dress up as a band of Sand People or a squad of Republic pilots to tackle any of the exciting missions in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Essentially, any social gear in the game can now be adapted to match your character’s combat gear, fusing it with the corresponding armor bonuses and adding slots for your best armor modifications.

Game System: Augment Unlocks

For players interested in keeping their gear optimized, Allies offers the ability to craft and sell kits that unlock an augmentation modification slot, previously only obtainable when achieving “critical” success while crafting. Players can now add an augmentation slot to any piece of equippable gear, making it easier to dress.

Star Wars: The Old Republic’s 1.3 patch is officially here. We’ve been looking forward to it for some time now, mostly on account of the adaptive gear upgrades, group finder, and ranked warzones.

The Legacy system is also due for an update, so BioWare is allowing players to focus on the portions of the game they like best to customize their alt character leveling.

In terms of gear, BioWare says it expects to see “more eccentric-looking groups tackling high-level operations” thanks to the adaptive mechanics. These changes allow players to wear their favorite social gear into combat while still enjoying the bonuses gained from their best combat gear.

Check out the full 1.3 patch notes at the official SWTOR website.

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