Watch the launch trailer for Lost Ark available February 11th, 2022 on PC via Steam. Lost Ark is an action MMORPG featuring epic lore, a vast world to explore, and diverse character classes for customizable combat. Source – Lost Ark

RUIN looks forward to joining Towelliee on the UNA East server in Lost Ark. RUIN will focus on leveling and casual community building in Lost Ark.


Heroes of Arkesia,

Launch is rapidly approaching, and we want to make sure that you have all the details you need to feel prepared for your coming adventures in Arkesia. We’ll continue to share information between now and launch, but today we wanted to focus on ensuring you know key timings, how you’ll have access if you preordered, and are able to plan out which server you and your friends are going to make your home.


Pre-download will be available starting on Monday, February 7 at 9AM Pacific time (5PM UTC), regardless of whether or not you purchased a Founder’s Pack.

There is no option for pre-period character creation or name reservation; your name will be “reserved” or locked only when you finish the character customization screen.


Servers will open for Head Start access on Tuesday, February 8 at 9AM Pacific (5PM UTC). You must purchase a Founder’s Pack to receive access to the 3-day Head Start. If you purchase a Founder’s Pack at any time during the Head Start, you will be able to play for the remainder of the Head Start period.

Legends of Lost Ark – Twitch Drop Streaming Event

Three teams compete to complete Objectives and unlock Twitch Drops. Tune-in to root for your team and help them accomplish their goals to earn rewards.


Servers for all regions will open for launch on Friday, February 11 at 9 AM Pacific (5PM UTC). Players will be able to play for free at this time!


Founder’s Packs will be available for purchase through 9AM Pacific time on February 11th. Steam customers will have their Founder’s Pack benefits auto-entitled for them. Amazon customers will automatically be sent a key for their Founder’s Pack on Monday, February 7, or (if purchasing after February 7th) immediately upon purchase confirmation between 9AM Pacific Time on February 7 and 9AM Pacific Time on February 11, which is when the account will be charged.

Founder’s Packs will be delivered to your account’s Roster Storage, and from here you will be able to obtain the contents and apply the skins to the characters of your choice. The Skins will only be usable on the 15 classes that are available at launch.

As always, thank you for your support. Make sure to follow our social channels and PlayLostArk.com as we head toward launch. Here’s where you can find us:


See you in Arkesia!