Guild Wars 2 Expansion 2 Teaser Trailer

Guild Wars 2 Expansion Teaser Trailer

Balthazar, the rogue Human God of War has returned!

Guild Wars 2 Living World Season 3 Episode 6: One Path Ends

Taimi’s machine returned Jormag and Primordus to a dormant state, but Balthazar vanished in the aftermath. His assault on the Elder Dragons could spell doom for Tyria, making it crucial to find him before he strikes again. Where do you begin the hunt for a rogue god?

New Fractal – The Shattered Observatory

The Fractals of the Mists are unpredictable, and not even the Mistlock Observatory is immune to volatile instabilities. The next time you enter, watch your step–you might find more than Dessa and her krewe waiting for you.

New Legendary Weapons

Build a new legendary hammer and sword! – Guild Wars 2

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