Machinima World of Warcraft Podcastathon

For those of you living under a rock Machinima hosted the World’s longest gaming podcastathon over the weekend.  A whose who of mmorpg celebrities including Felicia Day from “The Guild” attended.  As the Machinima fan guilds are on Kil’Jaeden much of the festivites took place in Ruin country.

Literally thousands of Machinima fans flocked to create low level characters and transfer to Kil’Jaeden to take part in the activities.  They included a massive, server crushing invasion of Theramore to kill Jaina Proudmore, a level 1 orc invasion of Gurubashi.   If you can imagine Airship loads of hundreds of low level Horde pouring into Stranglethorn and being met by the opening scene of saving Private Ryan you will have a good idea of how enjoyable the events were for Ruin.

We hope that Machinima will continue to push for more world pvp on Kil’Jaeden and use their considerable fanbase to build a large world pvp focused pvp guild to challenge us.  The general consensus from the Ruin player base was overwhelmingly positive and we all had a blast. We hope there will be more of these events to come.

One must ask the question, what will we do if Machinima has even one in ten of those players reach level 85? *shudders*