Everything That Awaits You in Mists of Pandaria

Nearly everything you can expect in World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria

Blizzard boasts more content at launch in terms of raw number of zones, dungeons and raids then any previous expansion. It remains to be seen how the panda themed expansion will be received by long time Warcraft fans who have remained somewhat skeptical of the unexpected departure from core Warcraft lore.

“We’ve been hard at work preparing one of the biggest content updates World of Warcraft has seen, giving you more options in Mists of Pandaria for how to spend your time playing than ever before. See for yourself what the latest expansion has to offer in this overview showcasing eight zones, seven scenarios, nine dungeons, three raids, two battlegrounds, one arena, three hundred daily quests, monks, pirate monkeys, and so much more!”

– Blizzard

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