World PvP in 4.2 Firelands


Blizzard Entertainment’s latest patch to its hugely successful Massively Multiplayer Online game, World of Warcraft, opened the gates to The Firelands (which consists of new pve content, daily quests, etc.) and allowed players to buy season 9 armor with honor points gained from battlegrounds. With the release of patch 4.2, which coincided with Alterac Valley weekend, the Ruin war-machine promptly began its honor grind by forming large raid groups to farm Alterac Valley, Tol Barad, and to secure the new questing areas which allowed the alliance faction as a whole to experience the new content peacefully.

As soon as the servers became active on patch day, hundreds of Ruin members, gluttonous for new pvp epics, flooded Alterac Valley in full 40 man premade groups ready to take on the unsuspecting horde masses. These groups flawlessly executed battle-proven strategies which allowed them to consistently overcome said masses and receive the maximum amount honor one could possibly gain at the end of each battleground. Quick wins and even faster queue times allowed many guild members to acquire a new piece of gear almost every hour. Consequently, almost every Ruin member had a full set of pvp armor with weapons to boot shortly after the release of the patch.

Ruin’s stranglehold over Tol Barad Peninsula has only tightened since the release of the new patch. Upgrades earned in the killing field of Alterac Valley greatly complemented the adept world pvp veterans of Ruin Gaming and aided them in many Tol Barad engagements that ended with little to no Ruin casualties. Members felt invincible as they volleyed into the disheartened enemy faction and enjoyed watching the clusters of horde stampede in the opposite direction; resulting in multiple triple cap defenses and relatively sound offensive battles. These victories served to further ingrain Ruin dominance over the server into the hearts and minds of it’s enemies while greatly increasing the rate at which honor was obtained by the participating members of Ruin Gaming.

As expected, The Firelands daily quest area was nothing short of a bloodbath. Portals, bodies, and quest objectives were being camped ruthlessly and the screams of pve heroes crying out for mercy could be heard miles away. Ruin quickly established order by annihilating Horde Opposition which allowed guild members and general alliance members alike to quest safely. As more of the questing zone begins to unlock, Ruin will continue to stomp out any horde resistance that attempts to oppose it. While the new daily quest zone still has a ways to go before it can compare to the glory days of The Isle of Quel’Danas, The Firelands (The Molten Front to be more specific) certainly has the potential to become an area of extreme interest.

All in all, the release of the patch seems to have been quite successful. The new content is relatively bug free, most players seem to be content with the class buffs and nerfs, and many people have, once again, found themselves re subscribing to World of Warcraft. While the first week was only meant to usher in the new raiding area and pvp season 10, it is safe to say that many people (especially Ruin) are satisfied with the changes Blizzard has implemented.