Black Desert Online


Goals and Objectives:

RUIN is focused on Node Warfare in the Mediah territory.

Node Wars/Conquest System

The epic pvp system allows the guild master to place an HQ to participate in a specific node war to claim a node to tax at the level of the node available. This will be a warzone and will force you against many other guilds fighting for the same payoff. Once you claim a node, that Saturday will be all of the nodes facing off in a similar way over the entire territory.

Valencia Desert Update

Ocean Update

Margoria Gamescom 2016 Launch Trailer


Black Spirit Adventure Board

Roll the dice every hour 3 times a day for amazing rewards! This includes large quantities of loyalty to hoard for your free rewards in the pearl shop.

Valentines day voting

Purchase cocoa beans to grow cards to vote for your favorite npc! Rewards chocolate that gives large temporary buffs

Black Stone drop rate increase

Farm mobs faster and get more stones!

Black Desert Online

What is this game?

The introduction Black Desert lore:

Beginning introduction to gameplay:

End game pvp

Current Activity

We are currently building our roster to our current maximum of 45, which we are nearly at and can be upgraded by doing guild missions to a maximum of 100 total, which we are also getting done at an interval at 6pm PST to perform a medium mission, and by choice of the members, getting small missions done throughout the day by 2pm pst to finish off the rest.