We Are The World Of Warcraft

Watch Jimmy Fallon’s “We Are the World of Warcraft”

Through good times and bad, victories and cataclysms, Fortitude buffs and stun locks, we are a vibrant and time-tested community—we are the World of Warcraft. Late-night host Jimmy Fallon gets it . . . and even wrote a song about it! “We Are the World of Warcraft” made its worldwide debut Tuesday night on NBC’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon during the show’s annual post-E3 “Video Game Week.” This musical nod to the WoW community includes cameos by Felicia Day, Chris Hardwick, and many other of your WoW-playing peers. Enjoy!

Thanks to everyone who was willing to not only participate in this bit, but wear their inner geek on their sleeves. And special thanks to Jimmy Fallon, the Roots, John Wyatt Haskell, Gavin Purcell, Justin Ulbrich, and the rest of the staff at Late Night for approaching us with this crazy-fun idea and making it a reality!