World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth War Mode

PvP Updates in Battle for Azeroth – Account-wide Prestige, War Mode, and Conquest Points

Source: WoWhead

Many systems are receiving updates and quality of life improvements in Battle for Azeroth, with a couple of them happening to PvP systems. We have learned more about those changes at the PAX Press Summit, where we also learned about Battle for Azeroth’s release date! Most of the announced changes are part of the list of changes asked ever since the original systems were implemented, a signal that Blizzard is listening to player’s feedback!

Table of Contents

  • Account-wide Honor / Prestige
  • War Mode
  • Conquest Points

Account-wide Honor / Prestige

The Prestige System, or Honor 3.0, was one of the biggest revamps in Legion PvP, featuring a whole new talent tree, cosmetic rewards, and even character frames. However, the system had one huge drawback, it was attached to your character, meaning that others could not see your progress when you played with alts, for instance. Based on that feedback, Blizzard is changing the system, starting in Battle for Azeroth, Prestige will be shared by all characters in the account. On top of that, the system will be changed to work similarly to Overwatch’s leveling system, without an easily reachable max level, so you can show off how much PvP you have done!

Another important change to the system is that the new honor talents are now unlocked by level and no longer by Prestige levels, which means you will have all talents available once you get to 120.

War Mode

As previously previewed, Battle for Azeroth is changing how PvE and PvP realms work. Starting in 8.0, realms won’t have separations as PvE or PvP, but now each player can choose whether they want to engage in War Mode or not. Players in War Mode will be in a separate shard from players without it. In order to toggle War Mode, players must be in a capital city.

As a reward for playing in War Mode, players will receive extra resources, like experience or Azerite Power, but they will also be susceptible to PvP attacks. This change will allow Blizzard to implement better World PvP content because everyone participating in it are agreeing to do so.

Conquest Points

One of the biggest complaints from the Legion changes to PvP was about the RNG when receiving loot. In order to fix that, Blizzard is re-introducing the Conquest Points, which will be a deterministic method to receive PvP-oriented gear. Every week you will be requested to earn a certain amount of Conquest Points and, when doing so, you will receive a piece of gear. When you’re finished with a set, you can move on to acquiring a higher tier of armor. Blizzard also noted that there will be ways to skip ahead, if you’re a Gladiator-type player, to shoot for the top gear.