Patch 9.2 Zereth Mortis Guide

Patch 9.2 Zereth Mortis Guides

Shadowlands patch 9.2 Eternity’s End is finally here! We have lots of hope that has built up over the last few months… and now we have a lot of cold hard reality. Taliesin pits the two against each other to see how 9.2 fares and talks Zereth Mortis, Legendaries, the new raid, the judgment of Sylvanas, Torghast, the cypher of the first ones, tier, and more in the Weekly Reset.

Things to do in Zereth Mortis on Week 1 of Patch 9.2

Zereth Mortis is a massive zone, and players may feel overwhelmed about what they can do initially. On this post, we have a checklist for things to do in Zereth Mortis on the first week of Patch 9.2. For more information on what to do in Zereth Mortis, check our comprehensive guide!

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Patch 9.2 Zereth Mortis Zone Guides – Now Live!

Zereth Mortis is the new zone arriving in Patch 9.2, Eternity’s End. As a new zone that serves as the hub for 9.2 with lots of new content, players can feel overwhelmed when going through it for the first time. This guide serves as a comprehensive compendium of all features and activities to do within the zone, such as quests, mechanics and other features. Source: Wowhead

Zereth Mortis Comprehensive Guide

An overview of each aspect of Zereth Mortis:

Protoform Synthesis

The biggest change with 9.2 is the addition of Protoform Synthesis, a new feature of Eternity’s End that allows players to craft mounts and pets after they find their patterns and collect enough materials.

All Obtainable Mounts in Patch 9.2 Eternity’s End

With Patch 9.2 now live, it is time to highlight the mounts available with the new patch. From completing meta achievements in Zereth Mortis, to reaching Gladiator, there are many different mounts with Eternity’s End.

Below you can find the list with all the new mounts added with Patch 9.2. You can check our Mount Guides to learn more about them.

Why Should I Find Rares and Treasures in Zereth Mortis?

There are several reasons to kill rares and events in Zereth Mortis:

Rares are a good daily source of Cyphers of the First Ones and Cosmic Flux – These are used for the Cypher of the First Ones system and to fuel the Creation Catalyst/Legendary crafting.

In addition to this, killing rares in Zereth Mortis also grant reputation with The Enlightened – 10 to 15 reputation per rare per day.
Treasures in specific are an amazing source of Cosmic Flux, with most one-time treasures giving 200 Flux.
Rares in Zereth Mortis can help with gear catch-up – all rares in Zereth Mortis have a chance to drop ilvl242 gear.

For achievement hunters, killing all available rares and looting all treasures in Zereth Mortis grants a total of four achievements: