Darkspear World PvP

Horde Victory

Alliance smashed on the gates of Orgrimmar!

Swifty launched a massive frontal assault on Orgrimmar. Our raid groups were waiting. The outcome was a decisive victory for the Horde.

Swifty’s armies lay broken and demoralized at our feet after several futile Alliance attacks on the gates of Orgrimmar!

Storming Stormwind

Stormwind must burn! Righteous retribution against Alliance Tyranny! For too long have the Darkspear Horde been made to suffer under the yoke of Alliance oppression! Despite the overwhelming population advantage of the Alliance Ruin Gaming and our allies have achieved a major victory over Alliance armies lead by Swifty.

Following their failed attack on Orgrimmar Horde justice was swift and without mercy! Let this be a lesson to all those who dared to threaten the security of Orgrimmar!