4th WAR CAMPAIGN Preview (opens in a new tab)

Veteran of the Fourth War

A sincere thank you to the tens of thousands of Alliance players who fought and won the Battle for Azeroth War Mode campaign in Nazjatar. Never before have so many players come together in common purpose for so long during a period of severe crisis in and out of World of Warcraft.

“…We’ve made kindling from our suffering – stirred the embers of resentment – just waiting for a single spark to set the whole world aflame. As the Alliance returns to forgotten kingdoms, the Horde seeks the might of an ancient empire. We cannot dream any longer. The time has come to call on allies willing to join the fight; to rally beneath the banners of a world at war.”
— Jaina Proudmoore  Source: Blizzard

The primary Battlefield of the Fourth War was Nazjatar, heavy fighting was also experienced during faction Incursion into Horde and Alliance zones. Warfronts: The Battle for Darkshore and the Battle for Stromgarde.

The Battle for Nazjatar is world PVP event, which takes place in Nazjatar. Adventurers from both factions now fight for dominance of the area. Source: Wowpedia

Following the destruction of both fleets at the hands of Queen Azshara, disoriented survivors find themselves at odds with one another as the Fourth War rages on.

The Battle for Nazjatar takes both factions and places them in a situation similar to Arathi Basin. Both sides must capture key locations and reach 3000 points before the opposing faction does.

  • Largest sustained open world player versus player fighting in the history of World of Warcraft. 
  • Hundreds of thousands of players fought during the campaign.
  • Guild and Community system allowed for unprecedented cooperation between players from around the world.

In the aftermath, the Horde entered into an armistice with the Alliance. The Alliance abandoned any holdfasts they had established on Zandalar as a show of good faith. Both groups committed, independently, to the idea of hunting down Sylvanas Windrunner for her crimes. Turalyon was appointed as Lord Commander of the Alliance and was tasked alongside Alleria Windrunner with hunting down Sylvanas.