Rise of Azshara Now Live

Prepare to Bow to the Queen of Tides in Rise of Azshara – Now Live!

The Queen of Tides’ grand reemergence is upon us with the Rise of Azshara content update! Now see what lies beneath the tides of Nazjatar.

Battle for Azeroth’s latest content update is here! Explore Nazjatar—home surf of the naga—and collect powerful Benthic gear. Travel to the lost isle of Mechagon and join the Rustbolt Resistance. Earn new Heritage Armor sets for tauren and gnomes, mount equipment, and more!

The Rise of Azshara content update is packed with new features, including the addition of Essences to the Heart of Azeroth system; two entirely new zones—Nazjatar and Mechagon; Heritage Armor for tauren and gnomes; new Benthic gear to help you face the trials ahead; a raid that takes you into the depths of Azshara’s Eternal Palace; and much more.

New Zone: Nazjatar

During a high-stakes chase across the seas, the Alliance and the Horde are waylaid by an ancient enemy who’s been lurking beneath the depths: Queen Azshara and her fearsome naga army. The naval forces of both factions are destroyed in the ambush, and the survivors find themselves stranded in the ancient naga domain of Nazjatar.

Soon after they arrive in Nazjatar, Alliance heroes will come upon a new faction of deep-sea warriors, the Waveblade Ankoan, while Horde heroes will meet the Unshackled, a group of races who have escaped the naga’s clutches. Both sides offer champions who offer their services as combat allies and grow in power over time as players prepare for their epic confrontation with Queen Azshara.

Adventurers who are level 120 and have unlocked Battle for Azeroth World Quests, completing the quest “Uniting Kul Tiras” or “Uniting Zandalar,” will receive a summon from either Genn Greymane or Nathanos Blightcaller, kicking off the events that bring them to Nazjatar.

New Zone: Mechagon Island

Legends speak of a place off the craggy coast of Kul Tiras whose denizens have replaced blood and bones with bolts and brass: Mechagon, home of a society of mechanically augmented gnomes and their iron-fisted ruler King Mechagon. Heroes who arrive upon Mechagon’s shores will soon meet Prince Erazmin and the Rustbolt Resistance, and after completing a series of new faction-based quests, they’ll join their fight to overthrow Erazmin’s tyrannical father and put an end to his mad designs.

Players can rise in power and earn the trust of their new allies by participating in new daily quests and other activities unique to Mechagon. These include collaborative Construction Projects that allow players to contribute resources to create a variety of powerful constructs, including experimental weapons, flame turrets, a drill rig that can uncover a cave full of treasures, and more.

After establishing a hub in Nazjatar and empowering their Heart of Azeroth, players will make their way to Mechagon by starting the quest “The Legend of Mechagon,” which can be accepted by Alliance players in Boralus and Horde players in Dazar’alor near each city’s respective Flight Masters.

Junkyard Tinkering

As they traverse the zone, players will have access to Pascal-K1N6, a giant iron robot who will help players craft equipment, mounts, toys, consumables, and more in exchange for Spare Parts and Energy Cells found across Mechagon. Recipes to craft more items can be found around the island.

Pocket-Sized Computation Device

The Pocket-Sized Computation Device is a trinket that players can customize via three Punchcard Sockets, into which players can insert one Red, Yellow, and Blue Punch Card. Punch Cards can be collected by questing, exploring the Mechagon zone, and advancing through the new Mythic-only dungeon Operation: Mechagon. Players will receive their Pocket-Sized Computation Device after completing the “Upgraded” quest, available shortly after landing in Mechagon.

New Raid: Azshara’s Eternal Palace

Battle against Nazjatar’s worthiest champions, face down unfathomable monstrosities from the deep, and confront the legendary Queen Azshara herself in this sprawling 8-boss raid.

Learn more about the bosses guarding Azshara’s Eternal Palace here.

Azshara’s Eternal Palace Normal and Heroic difficulties will open on July 9, two weeks after Rise of Azshara goes live on June 25. Raid Finder Wing One and Mythic will open the following week on July 16.

New Dungeon: Operation: Mechagon

Level 120 players will unite with Prince Erazmin and the Rustbolt Resistance to help overthrow his deranged father and destroy his Mechoriginator doomsday device in this new 8-boss “mega-dungeon.” This Mythic-only instance will be open to players after they complete new faction-based quests for the Rustbolt Resistance. Great rewards await you in Mechagon, but bear in mind that gnome-crafted loot might have some surprising properties. . .

Operation: Mechagon will open to players at the start of Season 3, July 9, after accepting the quest “Operation: Mechagon – The Mechoriginator.”

Heart of Azeroth System Update: Essences

Infuse the might of the Titans into your Heart of Azeroth with Essences. These powerful active and passive abilities allow you to customize your playstyle in a whole new way. Each Essence possesses a Major Power (usually a new active ability) and a Minor Power (which is always passive). The Heart of Azeroth has slots for one Major and two Minor Essences. Place an Essence in the Major slot to activate both its Major and Minor Powers, and place up to two in the Minor slots to activate their Minor Powers. Adapt to conquer any situation by applying or swapping them out within rest areas, cities, or when using items such as the Tome of Quiet Mind.

Grow in power each time you unlock one of four ranks for your Essence. At Rank 1, an Essence’s Major and Minor effects are available, while Rank 2 and Rank 3 enhance those Major and Minor effects. Rank 4 adds a flashier cosmetic effect to an Essence’s Major Power, providing a distinctive appearance that will make its wielder stand out from the crowd. Earn Essences by completing specific activities, including PvP, raiding, or engaging in World Quests. Some Essences are specific to a role (damage dealer, tank, or healer), and some are usable by any role. After acquiring an Essence, you’ll be able to hover your mouse over the Essence in the user interface to see information about the next rank and how to acquire it.

Players will need to complete a new quest line to unlock the Heart Forge before infusing Essences into the Heart of Azeroth. This will unlock the Major slot, and will reward them with their first Essence. The two Minor slots will unlock at Heart of Azeroth levels 55 and 65 respectively. Players with a Heart of Azeroth below level 35 will have it raised to level 35 upon unlocking the Heart Forge.

Level 120 players who have established their new hub in Nazjatar will be invited to join Magni at the Chamber of Heart in Silithus to start the new quest line to unlock the Heart Forge, beginning with the quest “Essential Empowerment.”

Mount Equipment

Have you ever wished that your favorite mount could carry you across the water without sinking? Give most of your mounts more speed, daze prevention, a parachute, or water walking with mount equipment! Upon reaching level 100 on one character, a new mount equipment slot will become available in the Mounts interface on all characters. Mount equipment can be crafted by Enchanters, Tailors, and Leatherworkers and can be listed in the Auction House or purchased directly from the artisans themselves. Players that already have Water Strider mounts should check their mailbox for one free piece of water-walking mount equipment.

Note that mounts do not benefit from mount equipment in battlegrounds or Arenas and that some do not benefit from mount equipment at all such as the Sky Golem.

New Quests

A host of new stories and adventures are now available across Azeroth.

Magni Bronzebeard

Mysterious magics have awakened across Azeroth. Among them are the essences of the five dragonflights, which Magni Bronzebeard suspects can unlock the full potential of the Heart of Azeroth. Level 120 players should heed Magni’s call to continue the story and earn their first Essence, which grants a new, powerful ability tailored to their character’s role (damage dealer, healer, or tank) or all roles.

War Campaign: Stay of Execution

Upon learning of Sylvanas’s plans to execute Baine Bloodhoof for treason, the Alliance and the Horde send strike teams to infiltrate the Kor’kron Barracks and rescue the noble tauren chieftain—meeting up with an old orcish ally along the way.

The latest episode of the War Campaign is available to level 120 players who have completed the previous chapters and finished the quest “Clearing out the Cache.” Speak to Lady Jaina Proudmoore or Lor’themar in Nazjatar to begin this perilous mission.

New Heritage Armor: Gnomes and Tauren

Delve deeper into the lore of the gnomes and the tauren and unlock Heritage Armor that reflects their legacies. Level 120 tauren or gnome players who are Exalted with their faction (Gnomeregan or Thunder Bluff respectively) will be able to embark on a quest line that explores their race’s history. Once completed, players will gain a new Heritage Armor transmogrification set usable by all their characters of the same race.

Eligible gnomes and tauren can begin the quest by speaking with their race’s ambassador in their faction’s Embassy in Stormwind or Orgrimmar. Those seeking the tauren Heritage Armor will additionally to be tasked with freeing Baine in the War Campaign quest “Stay of Execution” (on any character on their account) before beginning their quest line.

New Epic Battleground: Ashran

Once home to a mighty ogre empire, the ruins of Ashran hold ancient artifacts infused with great power that could turn the tide of war. Return to Draenor and fight on familiar turf in a brand-new 40v40 Epic Battleground: Ashran.

Starting at level 100, players can clash with the enemy faction on the main road of Ashran, carving a warpath into the enemy’s stronghold. After either slaying 300 enemy reinforcements or successfully invading the stronghold, players will come together to bring down the enemy faction leader—the Alliance’s Grand Marshal Tremblade or the Horde’s High Warlord Volrath. Collect Ancient Artifacts, Artifact Fragments, Class Spellbooks, and other items to improve your chances of victory. Gathering Artifact Fragments from fallen foes will allow you to summon elite allies, Fangraal and Kronus, to lead your faction’s charge into battle.

Players will find and be able to queue for Ashran in the Epic Battleground section of the Group Finder (default hotkey: i).

New War Mode Event: The Battle for Nazjatar

While the Alliance and the Horde have a new common foe in Queen Azshara, tensions between the factions still boils beneath the waves as they battle over territory in Nazjatar in this new War Mode–only World Quest. Every three hours, players must work with their allies to capture and hold five objective points. The faction that scores 10,000 Victory Points first will be rewarded with Nazjatar Battle Commendations that can be spent on cosmetic rewards, including unique war banners and the Inkscale Deepseeker seahorse mount.

New Island Expeditions

Set sail and discover two new Islands: Crestfall and Snowblossom Village. New loot including armor, weapons, and pets awaits players, but beware: you’re not alone. Faction rivals will want to hoard the spoils for themselves. Take them down!

New Missions and Mechanics

New Missions and Troops

As you take the fight to the seas, your loyal followers will be with you every step of the way. You can now enlist Boat Captains and other skilled seafarers to fight your battles.

Event and Holiday Missions

Send out your followers to embark on new holiday- and event-themed missions. Spoils will include special currencies to spend during holidays and events, including Brewfest and Timewalking, along with rewards that are only available during those periods.

Flying in Kul Tiras and Zandalar

The once-forbidden skies of Kul Tiras and Zandalar will soon be open to heroes eager to take flight. The achievement Battle for Azeroth Pathfinder, Part Two will allow daring adventurers to take to the skies in Battle for Azeroth’s zones, including in the new ones, Mechagon and Nazjatar. Hardy adventurers will need to earn Revered reputation with the Rustbolt Resistance and with their new Nazjatar allies (The Waveblade Ankoan or The Unshackled), explore Mechagon and Nazjatar, and complete the first part of the meta-achievement, Battle for Azeroth Pathfinder, Part One.

Adventurers who complete these requirements and unlock flying will also be rewarded with a mechanical parrot mount: Wonderwing 2.0.


Ride through Nazjatar and Mechagon in style as you collect several new aquatic- and mechanical-inspired mounts. Six of them are listed below, but there are even more waiting to be discovered!

Azshari Bloatray

Raised in captivity, these yellow aquatic creatures’ gas organs are harvested by the naga to allow them to breathe air more easily. Players will rescue one to use as their personal mount after earning the achievement Glory of the Palace Raider.

Crimson Tidestallion

These blood-red, spirited creatures gracefully flit through the water, carrying heroes swiftly through the sea. Crimson Tidestallions can be purchased from Murloc Trader Mrrl in Nazjatar in exchange for several eclectic items after completing the quest “A Safer Place.”

Royal Snapdragon

Fierce and loyal companions, blue Royal Snapdragons are snatched from the wild at a young age and raised to serve naga hunters. Claim your own by opening Unshackled or Ankoan Supplies.

X-995 Mechanocat

Crafted through Junkyard Tinkering, these robotic cats can be painted a variety of colors, which players can collect during their adventures in Mechagon.

Scrapforged Mechaspider

Planet-conscious players who complete the quests given by Recycler Kerchunk in Rustbolt will be rewarded with this mount.

Mechacycle Model W

This mechanical marvel is the pinnacle of supercharged street performance in mechagnome travel. Boasting the best in aerodynamic performance, this gorgeous wheel will be gifted to players who complete the achievement Mecha-Done.

Pet Battles

A new challenge awaits your army of fierce little companions in Rise of Azshara.

Pet Battle Dungeon: Stratholme

It’s time to marshal your menagerie and put your best battle pets forward within the halls of Stratholme, a new Pet Battle Dungeon with Normal and Challenge difficulties. Those who prove themselves to be the very best will earn an Ultimate Battle-Training Stone after defeating the dungeon on Normal difficulty. Completing it on Challenge difficulty will grant the achievement Pet Battle Challenge: Stratholme along with the Minimancer pet. To get started on your journey, you’ll need to have earned the achievement All Growns Up! (have one level-25 pet) for Normal difficulty or Pro Pet Group (have 15 level-25 pets) for Challenge difficulty. Seek out Tizzy Gearjolt in Boralus or Radek Fuselock in Dazar’alor to get started.

Transmogrification Updates

Players can now make all armor slots hidden, except Legs. Let’s keep it classy.

Additionally, several items are now eligible for transmogrification, including Cookie’s Tenderizer, Direbrew’s Shanker, and Nat’s Hat.

Brewfest Update

Get ready to crack open a cold one with friends new and old during our revamped Brewfest! Sample brews across Azeroth and beyond with representatives of every playable race, including your newest Kul Tiran and Zandalari allies. Brawl with alementals, Dark Iron dwarves, and cheeky hozen to keep the peace during the booziest time of year. Prove just how gutsy you are by entering the Brewfest Chowdown sausage-eating contest or playing other mini-games to win spectacular prizes, including a Bottomless Brewfest Stein, Garland of Grain, Tabard of Brew, Brewfest Chowdown Trophy, or the Brewfest Reveler’s Hearthstone.