Game Update 5.9 Now Live “Nathema Conspiracy”

Star Wars: The Old Republic – The Nathema Conspiracy Launch Trailer


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Source: Bioware

A hidden threat obsessed with destroying your alliance forever. A top secret listening post hidden in deep space. Deadly enemies stalking a once-dead world. And in the midst of them all, a longtime ally gone rogue. The traitor saga reaches its dramatic conclusion on the barren world of Nathema as you face a deadly enemy determined to obliterate everything you’ve built.

Across the galaxy, you’ll be joined in your battles as old allies return: Felix Iresso, the loyal soldier, Mako, computer slicer and bounty hunter, and Akaavi Spar, the Mandalorian warrior.

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The hunt for Theron Shan ends with a showdown on the brutal planet of Nathema. Experience your personal storyline solo or join up to three allies to take on tougher challenges in Veteran or Master Mode.


Bounty Hunter ally Mako and Smuggler crew member Akaavi have joined forces to become a dangerous duo of bounty hunters in their own right!


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